Low Health Sound

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What a great way to drive anyone insane.

Low Health Sound is a type of alert some games give to the player, when a playable character is close to faint or loses enough health, a sound gets triggered and played until the same character is not with low health anymore.

Why It Should Faint

  1. The main problem is that the games which feature this trope usually play sounds that get old and annoying really quickly.
  2. It is also unecessary, there are other ways to alert the player that the playable character is close to faint without making the entire gameplay frustating, like making the character look tired, show a red effect, change the animation and it goes on.
  3. Do those developers really think players won't notice their own playable character close to faint? Their health (often) is literally on the game hub that is easy and quick to see.
  4. If there is no way to heal the character, either the noise goes on forever until something else happens or the game gets muted.
  5. Some games even speed up the same sound when more damage is taken or make it higher than the actual soundtrack...WHY?

The Only Redemming Quality

  1. A few games do it in a good way, specially the ones which just play it a few times or even once.

Bad Examples

  • Pokémon - ever since the first game the low health sound plays when a Pokémon loses a bunch of HP, but in Pokémon: Black & White it may sound catchy to some people.
  • The Legend Of Zelda - similar to the first example, when Link is close to lose all hearts a sound quickly plays without giving a break in most games.
  • Luigi's Mansion - Next Level Games sequels play a high sound when Luigi is close to faint, speeds up with even less HP, and the game soundtrack gets lower in the third game.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - the infamous Baby Mario cry counts as it's 30s timer also works as Yoshi's health.

Good Examples

  • Kirby - the games usually only play a low health sound once.
  • Super Mario - some mainline games either shows the character tired and in some games play an almost quiet sound.