Luck-Based Segments

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Luck-Based Segments are a common element in games that rely entirely on RNG. In game where these segments are optional and not necessary for 100% completion, they aren't so bad since they can be ignored. When the segment is a necessity to progress, then there is a problem.

Why They Suck

  1. As they imply, they are entirely luck based. This means that you could get past them in mere seconds, or you could spend over an hour and still be stuck there.
  2. Most of these segments have little to no skill involved in them. They rely entirely on you hoping that the game will let you progress.
  3. In some games, these segments can be merciful, but most of the time, they only provide fake difficulty.

Games That Have Luck-Based Segments

  1. Star Wars Battlefront II (Pay-To-Win Lootboxes
  2. Super Mario Sunshine (Sirena Beach Episode 4 & 5)
  3. Mario Party Franchise (There are a lot of Mini-games that are entirely luck-based, but special mention goes to Game Guy's Game Corner in Mario Party 3)
  4. Mario Kart Franchise (When playing against AI, expect to get nailed by lightning bolts and blue shells when you are close to the finish line)
  5. Paper Mario Color Splash (The Shy Bandit)
  6. Sonic Battle (Unlocking Skill Cards for Emerl is entirely random)
  7. Grand Theft Auto (Any story mission that involves evading police)
  8. Space Quest (Slot Machine)
  9. Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party (Pimp My Rabbid)
  10. King's Quest 5 (Mordac can randomly appear in his castle and kill you)
  11. Mega Man X5 (Even if you get all the parts to fire the laser and the space shuttle, there is still a chance of both failing and putting into the bad ending)
  12. I Wanna Be The Guy (Dracula is a completely randomized boss)
  13. Kid Icarus Uprising (Chapter 6 varies on which paths it makes you go down to face Dark Pit. One of which has a zodiac chamber which is only accessible if the get has you go that way)
  14. Splatoon 2 (Salmon Run)
  15. Wangan Midnight R (Akio Asakura's final stage)
  16. South Park: Phone Destroyer (Grand Wizard Cartman's boss battle)
  17. Balan Wonderworld (Balan's Bouts)