Magaki (KoF XI)

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Magaki is the main antagonist and final boss of The King of Fighters XI, considered by many to be the hardest & cheapest boss in all of KOF, which, considering its infamy in boss matters, really says it all.

Why He Sucks

  1. His strategy consists of moving away and spamming projectiles non-stop. As a result, getting near him is nigh-impossible, not to mention said specials dealing horrific amounts of cheap damage, including, but not limited to:
    1. Dimension Fireballs: Fires pink energy balls that change direction after going across portals.
    2. Explosive Blast: Magaki can use a shotgun-like pink explosion attack in close range to throw you back if you get close, which doubles as a projectile deflector.
    3. Floating Mist: This attack consist Magaki creating semi-invisible sphere clouds that deal heavy damage. This is probably the worst as it blocks projectile-based supers, and sometimes they fall over you.
    4. Invisibility: He can turn almost invisible just to make it even harder to approach him.
  2. He spams projectiles so much that the game sometimes slows down.
  3. Herculean damage input.
  4. Spends most of the battle blocking like a coward.
  5. One rather nasty tactic consists of creating a cloud and then teleport to the other side of the screen while you try to block (Oh yeah, he can teleport), tricking you into deactivating the blocking and receive the attack.
  6. He can still be annoying at close range, since his normals are fast and have long range.
  7. His only super is a screen-filler that deals a ton of damage (and chip damage if blocked).
  8. An extremely annoying long range grab.
  9. Unlike most bosses, he isn't very fun to use because his playable version was heavily nerfed and he relies too much on spamming.
  10. The continue services are a lot less helpful in this game, as it only reduces 1/3 of the opponent's health bar instead of the usual 2/3 like most of the games since '98.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Epic theme song.
  2. Gorgeous stage.