Mary Jane/Miles Morales Stealth Segments (Marvel's Spider-Man)

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The Mary Jane/Miles Morales Stealth Segments are segments in Marvel's Spider-Man, but instead of playing as Spider-Man you play as Mary Jane and Miles Morales (before he gets his powers).

In a game as critically acclaim as Marvel's Spider-Man, these segments have been heavily disliked by fans, and are often considered as the weakest parts in the whole game.

Why Those Segments Suck

  1. As implied, you don't play as Spider-Man, but instead as two characters with no powers whatsoever which brings the pacing to a crawl.
  2. These segments are incredibly basic as MJ and Miles don't have any special anilities outside of causing distractions.
  3. There are eight Stealth Segments.
  4. The enemies are place in very cheap locations.
  5. Sometimes in a level, there are objects that can also causes noise if bump into.
  6. In some cases, you could very much lose to something that's not your fault, like being blocked before an enemy catches you.
  7. There are some incidents where it makes no since to play theses segments at all, such examples are when playing as Mary Jane for the first time in the museum. It's obvious that she makes it out, so what's the point of playing that segment?
  8. If you get caught, you have to replay that segment from a checkpoint.
  9. They tend to come out in a bad timing, examples:
    • Mary Jane's first Stealth level interrupts Spider-Man's stealth tutorial and the introduction of the main goons.
    • Mary Jane attempts to sneaks in a Sable Camp to interrogate a Scientist FIVE SECONDS before Spider-Man gets there.
    • Miles' first segment is awkwardly crammed in-between the story with him trying to get to work at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter.
    • Mary Jane's Stealth segment happens after the very important scene where Mister Negative gets a bomb and attempts to blow up the city.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. These segments do a great job building up MJ's and Miles' character development.
  2. You are given the option to restart the segments if your about to get caught.
  3. You're given instincts just like Spider-Man which makes the segments that much easier, meaning you can finish them quicker.