Matchmaking in Multiplayer Games

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Matchmaking in Multiplayer Games is used in many online games, including games that are (mostly) not online such as adventure games, which can connect other players together for playing sessions.

Why It Leads To Grieving

  1. First of all, Matchmaking can lead to loss due to the sign of griefing, especially in ranked modes.
  2. Speaking of ranked modes, when a player plays there with a griefer mercilessly beating up the other player's team, they will suffer a loss and will lose a rank in not just MOBA games, but also in other genres too like first-person shooters.
  3. Sometimes, matchmaking includes AFKs, people who are maliciously idling or deliberately getting tortured by other teammates out of nothing, resulting in a loss.
  4. Resulting in a loss after losing ranked matches several or many times will lead to bad morals:
    • Perhaps the biggest offender is when players get mad easily and blame the opposing teammates out of anger; while excusable for cheating, their anger will take it too far to stop.
    • Another one is that it is okay to cheat (only applies to the opponent's team) when playing online multiplayer games, which is terrible.
  5. This one can be considered as not the slightest thing of fair play, which is an insult to the player's team, as well as the players themselves.
  6. Matchmakers can also be sneaky just so they can win, which resulted in scene-stealing, people who outshine the main character's spotlight without permission, and taking it for granted.
  7. While the online game is not necessary for physical copy games, such as Mario Kart-themed racing games, as they are optional and not necessary to fulfill becoming a master, they can be victims too.
  8. Matchmaking can cause severe lag in online games, thus resulting in griefing and losing at the same time; unless they are lucky enough, they can have a rare chance of winning.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Matchmaking can be a bit balanced when it comes outside of rank matches, which can show some satisfaction.
  2. There is a possibility that player teams can take advantage in matchmaking, thus making the opponent's team get weak and leads to victory.
  3. Games that are not entirely online-based such as Pokémon games and Kirby's Dream Buffet (despite requiring to reach up to Level 135) do not need to be necessary to reach the rank, which is not only better than online MOBA games but also optional to play.


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