Mecha Tank Trio (Legend of Korra)

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The Mecha Tank Trio are the bosses of Legend of Korra, as the name suggest, they are a trio of the three mecha tank bosses, they regarded as the most annoying segment in the game, and is currently the most annoying segment in PlatinumGames' history when it comes to gameplay.

Why They Suck

  1. You (As Korra) given a very unfortunate arsenal. You are limited to ONLY fireballs as your attack, which is a lame attack in the game, and after that, your basically defenseless which you have to wait for the fireballs to regenerate.
  2. This entire boss fight has a lot of bullet hell gimmicks. You have THREE lanes of dodging, and most of the time the tanks will ether fire out lasso balls or lighting whips from their claws, create humps in the ground that will ether trip you or bust into smaller rocks and throw logs of wood after you. Most of the things are either instant-death or a single hit, and the obstacles cannot decide if they're instant-death or a hit.
  3. This boss fight as a whole leaves very little room for error. You have to mindlessly dodge stuff that relies a lot of RNG; logs, rocks, tasers, etc.
  4. Even on Casual (which is the Easy Difficulty), it can be still hard because you have to learn how to dodge and survive while being defenseless most of the time. The first time fighting this, it can take many tries if you have low-level firebending.
  5. Even though each Mecha Tank only has one bar of health, it still takes a lot of hits to defeat them.
  6. The most disgraceful thing is; the following gameplay after this is much more straight forward. Why make an unforgiving stage that acts as an "early bird"? It could prevent kids from being able to see the rest of the game.
  7. Finally, when the mecha tanks are destroyed, why aren't they blown/obscured away into the drift, and instead playing their casual death animation? (while running endlessly on terrain).