Mega Invasions (Toontown Online)

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"Watch out! There's an Mega-Invasion happening right now..."

Invasions in Disney's Toontown Online are regarded as an invasion where cogs from level 1 to 8 can spawn. However, if there's an invasion taking over multiple districts; it is regarded as an mega-invasion. Mega-Invasions have been a thing from Toontown Online to Toontown Rewritten. 

Why They Suck

  1. The districts get flooded with high level cogs most of the time, leaving less room for players to grind up.
  2. Averagely, these invasions can last up to hours or even days, leading to some districts stuck with that aformed invasion for a bad amount of time for most players.
  3. Almost all of the districts tend to lose popularity because no one wants to fight high-level cogs most of the time.
  4. Even if it was an low level cog, toons won't be able to do tasks normally, which the only thing beneficial is double XP, which isn't helpful if you have maxed gags.
  5. The only zones that aren't invaded with cogs are cog facilities usually in cog HQs.
  6. The worst thing about them is that these invasions are also rewards from defeating the CJ boss. All it takes is one jerk to screw over 90% of the playerbase that's trying to task through the game! (by flooding the districts with invasions)


Mega-invasions have been notably disliked by many players, because it gets in the way of everything players are trying to do in the game. Many people, especially on TTR, tend to spawn mega-invasions as way to troll people. People tend to complain in the forums that thse mega-invasions do nothing but get in the way for end-game players and early-game players that are trying to play the game.

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