Metal Mario and Metal Luigi (Super Smash Bros. Melee)

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Metal Mario and Metal Luigi are bosses in Melee's Adventure Mode. They are Mario and Luigi but in Metal Form. They are considered as one of Melee's worst bosses.

Two's bad company (No pun intended). Well, you're fighting Mario and Luigi, but why are they metal???

Why They Suck

  1. First off, you're fighting a Mario and Luigi A.I., but they are both metal, which is absolutely bad.
  2. Because of that, they will sometimes NOT flinch from your attacks.
  3. They are also hard to launch as well.
  4. Also, since they are hard to launch, they will pretty much be unbeatable until well into the 300%.
  5. The stage the fight takes place on, Battlefield, is absolutely small, which means more trouble for handling the two.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music is awesome. It is also called Metal Battle, which makes sense since they are metal.
  2. While they are metal, they fall quickly. This encourages use of throws and edge-guarding to make it near-impossible for them to get back up on the field.