Metal Shark Player/Recycle Lab (Mega Man X6)

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Metal Shark Player is one of the 8 main Mavericks, located in the Recycle Lab from Mega Man X6. While this stage isn't the hardest, it is one of the most tedious in the game due to its slow pace and great amount of instant kills.

Why The Stage Sucks

  1. The ceiling during most of the stage is a trash compactor. If it touches X or Zero while they are on the ground, it will kill them instantly. This causes the stage to be very slow since the player has to be extremely careful.
  2. Also, remember how in most games, your wights being held down by something you just stay down? Well in this stage, if you let go of the crouch button, its an instant KO for you.
  3. The fact that the ceiling goes down constanly can be especially annoying while trying to rescue Reploids, since in many places you must stop or be crushed. This is made worse by the fact that Nightmares can go through the compactor.
  4. In the second section you must deal with instant kill spikes and a conveyor belt that goes in the oposite direction, along with the previously mentioned compactor.
  5. After the second section you must fight a tedious miniboss.
  6. The secret route has everything that the second section had but also adds auto-scrolling, increasing the difficulty.
  7. Reaching the Shadow Armor's Head part is very difficult. First you must cross a long section that is extremely close to the compactor with no safe spots. Then, you must jump across a LONG gap that, to make matters worse, has 3 Nightmares in the middle of it. Without the Ultimate Armor, this whole part requires having the Speedster and Hyper Dash parts equipped to get past the compactor and cross the gap.
  8. Going to this stage right after defeating Blizzard Wolfang causes various surfaces to be covered in ice, causing X/Zero to slide around.
    • On the same note, going after defeating Ground Scaravich causes various blocks to appear. These blocks make it harder to avoid the trash compactor and they can only be destroyed with Scaravich's weapon.
  9. Wasted potential: the main ability of Metal Shark Player is according to the story of the game resurrect deseased reploids, the stage could had been instead about fighting undead Mavericks from the previous games as mini-bosses, which would have made for a great stage and an awesome tribute to previous games.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are some parts that let X/Zero use Ride Armor. Using this protects them from the trash compactor.
  2. While the stage is awful, the fight with Metal Shark Player is pretty good.
    • Metal Shark Player can summon Mavericks from the first 3 Mega Man X games (If you use X he will summon Magna Centipide from X2, if you use Zero he will summon Sting Chameleon from X1 and if you fight him in Xtreme difficulty he will summon Blast Hornet from X3) which is a cool addition.
  3. The weapons and ability that he gives are awesome. For X it gives a seemingly puny anchor projectile that when charged (using the Blade or Ultimate Armors), it summons a barrage of statues of Storm Eagle (a Maverick from the original Mega Man X). Zero gets a massive steel sword that he thrusts downwards while in midair.
  4. The music is still very neat.