Mike Tyson (Punch-Out)

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Hey, wanna know what it's like getting your ears torn off?

Mike Tyson is a character and boss fight from Punch-Out! made for the NES. He is the thirteenth and final opponent to be fought, and is overall the final boss of the entire game, living up to the man's legendary notoriety.

Ever since his debut, he's despised by many, and is considered infamous for his frustrating qualities, many fans consider him as perhaps the hardest boss in the entirety of the game.

Why He Sucks

  1. Mike Tyson is an ancestor to the SNK Boss Syndrome, so expect a supremely cheap and overpowered AI from the get-go.
  2. Mike Tyson can block many of your punches, and more so than previous fighters.
  3. Being the final boss, he deals gargantuan damage. For example, his uppercuts knock you out instantly, so if he hits you even once, you’re screwed.
  4. Not to mention, he attacks very fast, being able to chain punches at the drop of a hat, so you have to be alert at all costs!
  5. A massive spike to unfair difficulty, considering how much (mostly easy) opponents you had to faced, it all leads up to this boss and you’d think he’d be an easy defeat, but nope. He's friggin' Mike Tyson for crying out loud! Even then, that's a bit much.
  6. This boss is so horribly hard, not even the REAL Mike Tyson could beat it!
  7. Much like previous fighters, you are on a time limit, so if it runs out, he regains his HP.
  8. Being the final boss of the game, Mike Tyson has a lot of HP, so this will be a very long battle.
  9. Unlike previous bosses, you can only hit Mike Tyson up to two times, which, combined with the high HP, makes this battle drag even longer then it should be.
  10. You have to replay the entire game all over again if you lose, unless you use a password.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Mike’s design in the game is decent.
  2. The concept of this boss is awesome.
  3. If you (As Little Mac) defeat Mike Tyson you’ll be rewarded as the champion of Punch-Out.
  4. The soundtrack that plays is really good, even if it shares the same boss theme with previous boss fighters.
  5. There is something triumphant to be had in beating one of the most legendary boxers of all time.


  1. Stay focused at all costs.
  2. Be as fast as you can while avoiding Mike’s attacks.
  3. Wait until Mike attacks first so he can leave himself wide open enough for you to attack back.


  • Fun Fact: In Punch-Out featuring Mr. Dream, the 1990 revision of this particular game, he was replaced with Mr. Dream himself because Tyson's contract with Nintendo had then recently expired. This revision serves as the basis of every future re-release of the game ever since.