Milla Basset (Freedom Planet)

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Milla Basset is a playable character from Freedom Planet, and also appears as the boss if playing as Lilac or Carol. She's a young orphan hush basset that possesses the power of alchemy.

Although not terrible, she has some flaws that makes her difficult to play.

She may be cute and have a different playstyle, but unfortunately, she has some flaws as well.

Why she sucks

  1. Before playing as her, you have to complete Relic Maze as either Lilac or Carol.
  2. Unlike Sash Lilac and Carol Tea, who has seven health petals, Milla Basset will always start with 4 health petals, which makes her more fragile.
  3. No melee attacks: to be able to damage enemies, you need to either charge a Phantom Cube, or use the shield attack.
  4. Compared to the other two characters, she's slower.
  5. Her Phantom Cube requires to be fully charged, in order to use it.
    • Also, while Milla Basset will carry the phantom cube or another item, she will not be able to flutter in the air.
  6. If playing as Lilac or Carol, she's the boss of the third stage of Final Dreadnought.
  7. The start of Milla's boss fight is one of the most terrifying moments on the game: Lord Brevon stabs Milla as Lilac/Carol are about to go near him, and when the latters goes near her, she shows red eyes, and transforms.
    • Not to mention, her mutated form is extremely creepy. Even worse, after some damage, she loses one eye.
    • And after defeating her, she falls into a sort of death-like coma. Luckily, she survives, once the final boss is defeated.
    • The thing reverses if playing as Milla: Instead of fighting a boss, Carol is shown to be unconscious, after being attacked by Lord Brevon. Granted, Carol still lives, but that's pretty uncanny.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Milla Basset's designs are good, including her mutant form.
  2. While being slower, Milla can flutter in the air for few seconds.
  3. Milla's shield can block and/or deflect most of the projectiles, including from bosses such as Spade, Syntax, Dail, Serpentine, Neera and Lord Brevon's power suit.
  4. If playing as Milla, the game makes some parts easier, such as:
    • Fighting the Robopanther on a plane.
    • Defeating only 15 enemies on Trap Hideout before fighting Spade.
    • Lord Brevon not disabling the oxygen on the second stage of Final Dreadnought.
    • Skipping the boss of the third stage of Final Dreadnought.
    • Only fight Absolution and Brevon's Power Suit.
  5. On Schrump Stage, Milla will have seven petals instead of four.
  6. In the sequel, Milla gains new attacks, including a melee attack and a ranged attack. She also have 5 health petals, rather than 4.