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This is the documentation page for Module:High-use

Implements {{High-use}}. Uses bot-updated values from subpages of Module:Transclusion_count/data/ when available.



  • number of transclusions: The first parameter is either a static number of times the template has been transcluded, or the word "risk" (without quotes) to display "a very large number of" instead of the actual value. This value will be ignored if transclusion data is available for the current page.
  • discussion page, or use + notation: The second parameter is overloaded. It will cause the number of transclusions to display as "#,###+" instead of "approximately #,###" when set equal to "yes" (without quotes). When used in this manner, values will be rounded down, instead of rounded to the nearest number with the appropriate number of significant figures. When set to any other non-blank value, it will replace the link to the template's talk page to the value of the parameter (for example, 2=WP:VPT will insert a link to WP:VPT),
  • |all-pages=yes: Will also output what percentage of all pages use the template. This should only be used for very highly transcluded templates, and the percentage will only display if its greater than 1%.
  • |info=extra information: When set to non-blank, will insert extra information into the template text if the template has more than 10,000 transclusions or parameter 1 is set to "risk".
  • |demo=Template_name: Will use the transclusion count for the template at Template:Template_name instead of detecting what template it is being used on. Capitalization must exactly match the value used in Special:PrefixIndex/Module:Transclusion_count/data/.
  • |form=: When set to "editnotice", will display the message using {{editnotice}} instead of {{ombox}}.
  • |expiry=: Sets the |expiry= parameter for {{editnotice}}.
  • |system=in system messages: if set, this module looks like {{Used in system}}. Use that template directly as it performs some checks.
  • |fetch=: if set to false, the module will not attempt to fetch transclusion counts using Module:Transclusion count

The following are drop-in replacements for {{High-use/num}}, {{High-use/text}}, and {{High-use/risk}}, and take the same parameters: