Morpha (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

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After one gruesomely infamous dungeon, we fight just a boss made entirely out of WATER?

Morpha is a boss fight from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 and its remake on the 3DS, it is the main boss of the Water Temple, the six dungeon of the game, is the third boss fight of adult Link's side and overall the sixth (if played in order) boss fight in the game.

Ever since its appearance, Morpha has been widely controversial by both fans and critics alike, both for its design quality and concept.

Why It Sucks

  1. Morpha's design is remarkably bland and lacking in creativity. It is simply amoeba with a nucleus as it's weak point.
  2. The overall design of the actual fight is rather bland and too simplistic, especially compared to the more creative designs of bosses like Volvagia and Phantom Ganon, who are fought in the previous dungeons before this. The core concept of this battle is to wait for Morpha to expose it's nucleus before it attacks, then pull it out with the Longshot and attack it with the Master Sword. That is the entire extent of the battle's complexity.
  3. The design of the arena is antithetical to the entire fight, since it gives the player ample room to maneuver along the outside of the central arena. Instead of hopping between platforms to adjust positioning while fighting Morpha, pretty much all players will just stand in the corner with the Longshot, and the boss will just expose it's weak point constantly.
  4. The boss itself doesn't utilize the extended range granted by the Longshot over the Hookshot, rendering it's forced use of the dungeon item rather arbitrary. This boss actually could have worked if it was fought where Dark Link was fought, to demonstrate the utility of the Longshot, but it's instead used as an anti-climactic boss at the end of an otherwise unique dungeon.
  5. Morpha really only has one hard to avoid attack, and that's grabbing you, squeezing you, and then throwing you into spikes that are in the sides of the arena.
  6. Even if you are close enough to Morpha, the Longshot can sometimes not hit the amoeba and will just hit the watery area.
  7. This boss battle is poorly programmed, as Morpha can be defeated in a matter of seconds. If you Longshot the amoeba and pin it in a corner, you can quite literally defeat him in just 19 seconds!
  8. During the second part of the battle Morpha can summon two water tentacles at you with out warning, not only does this cram up the arena (should you try and fight the way the developers intended), but this means that you could be too focused on that tentacle with the amoeba, only to get cheap attacked by the second water tentacle.
  9. After all of this, Morpha's defeated cutscene is beyond unsatisfying, all that happens is that the amoeba explodes, and the water tentacle submerges to the ceiling, only to shrink down into a water drop and splash into the floor, this scene makes it feel more like he escaped then defeated.
    1. Here's the worst part, after Morpha is defeated, even tho Lake Hylia does get restored, Zora's Domain is still frozen, unlike previous lands were after defeating that temple's boss, will be returned to normal, now it is true that Zora's Domain is most likely restored as in the ending credits, the Zoras are seen dancing along side many others, but that's still dumb as Link went though all of this work for nearly nothing.
  10. To add insult to injury, this boss (if played in the order that is expected to play) comes right after Volvagia, who is a dragon!
    1. To add more salt in the wound, this boss occurs shortly after facing the mini boss of the dungeon. The mini boss was Dark Link, who is significantly more fun challenging than Morpha.
  11. The overall boss fight against Morpha feels more like a mini-boss or even a larger regular enemy then an actual boss fight.
  12. Morpha is overall a complete wasted concept of a Water-theme boss for three reasons.
    1. The first of which is that a boss fight of a Water-theme level would have been really cool, and could have been a really cool water creature like a shark, stingray, octopus, puffer fish, eel or something monstrous like a kraken, hydra, lock-ness monster, sea monster or even a sea dragon, but instead, it’s just a nucleus in a water tube.
      1. What’s also to note is that though out the level there are a series of columns, carvings and even statues or a reptile-like beast, given the player the false impression that the main boss of the Water Temple is gona be some sort of a dragon, when really its just an ameba in a water tube.
    2. The second of which is that even tho Morpha is just an ameba, the concept of a nucleus in water could have been really, the nucleus could have use the water to turn itself into water-like creatures or even turn itself into a humanoid water monster with the nucleus itself serving as a core, but instead, its just a tub.
    3. The third of which is that Zora's Domain has been frozen over, the boss could have been some sort of ice creature with ice powers like a polar bear, white wolf, snow fox, snow panther, walrus or even something monstrous like an embodiment snowman or even a yeti, yet the boss is again, a water tube with an nucleus.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The boss' water effects are kind of neat.
  2. The boss can be defeated incredibly quickly, which is a relief after the Water Dungeon's relatively long trek.
  3. The standard boss music remains pretty good.