Mr. Resetti (The Animal Crossing series)

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We've all forgot to save after a long play session at least once, but do we really need this?

Resetti (リセットさん, 'Risetto san'?, Mr. Reset), also known as Mr. Resetti, is a very cranky mole that appears in every Animal Crossing game. The idea behind him is to remind players to save continuously during gameplay by disparaging them for resetting the game, getting harsher the more they do so, eventually leading to a "fake" reset in some games. Many a fan despise him for the following reasons.

Why Should Not Reset Without Saving

  1. Everytime that you reset or turn off the power without saving in any Animal Crossing game by any means (see "Causes" section), he comes outside your house when the game starts, forcing to you to listen a overly long and unskippable lecture that can take from one, two or even three minutes before starting to play! Imagine dying in early Doom and some out-of-nowhere NPC fumes over you not saving mid-game in a while before restarting the level.
  2. Resetti's grumpy and short-tempered character is very unlikeable, moreso than other similar characters (Trevor Philips from Grand Theft Auto V, Akuma from the Street Fighter series and Sergeant Arch Dornan from Fallout 2, to name a few), and will yell and mock you, leaving either younger players especially female players crying or older players infuriated and/or irritated and rage-quit, even worse when it resembles that of an immature thin-skinned abusive parent. May we remind you that his games are rated E for Everyone?
  3. Some quotes has words that are slightly inappropriate for an E-rated game, such as "Your attitude! It STINKS!", "Of course not. That would be stupid." from the original Animal Crossing game, and "Aw, forget it! I ain't recitin' that stupid line again! I give up!" from Wild World.
  4. The more you reset, the angrier he gets, forcing you to go through the whole ordeal again and again.
    • Speaking of which, in the original Animal Crossing, should you write something offensive to him, such as "I hate moles", "I hate you Resetti" or using swear words, he will be extremely furious (which, while understandable, can be even scarier). Then again, why wouldn't you naturally be if someone berated you over nothing.
  5. In New Leaf, by choosing the "I wanted to reset" option, Resetti will give a longer & angrier speech, the only option that does so.
  6. Most games don't allow you to disable this feature, which can be problematic for familiar players.
  7. The concept itself is really moronic & rather unnerving. Why would a friggin' mole stalk you outside your own home just to lash out over an innocuous thing? How did he got there? Who told him about your coordinates? How does he know you, your name, your location and the fact you resetted? Mind you, he never shows up until your first reset.
  8. Even if you wanted to save beforehand, he can be triggered by events beyond your control, like random freezing, power outage, batteries running out without a charger nearby, etc. He's programmed to detect those as if they were resets, so more power to him.
  9. By chance you accidentally bought something you didn't want, did something that either you shouldn't have or didn't play out as you'd hope, you'll have to endure this jack*** all the time.
  10. As mentioned above, some games fake out resets just because you reset too many times. Why would you make players panic like the game has a mind of its own for something that insignificant?
  11. He defeats the whole purpose of Animal Crossing being a calm down type game that's supposed to relieve stress after taking a break from difficult games and other stressful stuff in fact he adds fuel to the fire.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His design is passable.
  2. He does give valuable tips over the importance of saving, despite his volatile tone.
  3. Resetting five times introduces his calmer brother Don Resetti, who only gives a warning. Had they done it in reverse (after you'd first meet that guy, of course), that cycle would've been more understandable.
  4. Starting with New Leaf, his personality has softened and became optional through various means (such as the more convenient building of the Reset Surveillance Center in New Leaf or disabling auto-saving at your guise in New Horizons).
  5. The dialogue can be fun sometimes if you grown up.

Possible Quotes That Can Make Younger Players Cry

Animal Crossing Original

  • Trust me on this one. When I get my motor goin', you'll be here a while. Don't reset again! Now...
  • You trying to be funny?
  • It's so bright it hurts my brain!
  • THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!
  • Your attitude! It STINKS!
  • Hey, you! Hold up a minute! Who? You! You you YOU!!!
  • Hey! HEY!!! Where do you think you're goin', you little twerp? I SAID get over here!
  • RESET RESET RESET! You just had to do it again, didn't you?
  • Look at me when I'm talkin' to you!
  • NO MORE RESETTING! All right? We got an understanding?
  • WHAT?!? AARGH!!! You mockin' me?
  • Graahh!!
  • Think you're gettin' away with that?
  • You got another thing comin'!!!
  • Stop resetting! Hear me?
  • What don't you get???
  • ...Haah... ...Hoo...Phew...
  • You know, you're the only one who pushes it this far. The only one who fails to understand. ONLY YOU!
  • ...Hey... You laughin' at me? You CAN'T be laughin' at me!
  • You little hairball!!!
  • Everythin' that you've done so far? All that you've worked for? Forget about it. That's right. It's all going bye-bye.
  • You, my button-happy friend, get to start over.
  • Well, see ya! 

[The screen blacks out, with a little white line going up. After a short pause, the screen comes back]

  • What? Graahh! You wisin' off?
  • What's wrong with you?!?
  • NO RESET!!! That means YOU!!!
  • I said look at ME, (name)! Now!

Animal Crossing: Wild World

  • What am I talkin' about? Huh? Don't you play dumb with me! Don't you DARE!
  • You'll SAVE before you turn the power off! SAAAAAVE! ...You got that?
  • What? What's in your head? You think I wouldn't notice? You think I'd let it slide?
  • Lately I've been tryin' to make yogurt from scratch! You hear me? YOGURT!
  • I gotta say, though, I ain't NEVER had to deal with a nutjob like you.
  • ...WHAT WAS THAT?!
  • No! No! NO! Say it again! You ready? Here goes!
  • YOU AGAIN?!?
  • STOP
  • WITH ME!

Animal Crossing: City Folk

  • If ya DIDN'T do it on purpose this time, I think it may be time to see a doctor or somethin'!
  • Quit resettin'. Got it this time? Crystal clear, right?
  • YOU! AGAIN?!
  • So, whaddaya say I just grab that bad boy and wiiiipe the slate clean? We'll forget EVERYTHIN'.
  • Sound good, kid? Ready to start all over?!
  • SEE YA, KID!

[The screen goes black, then goes to the title screen. By pressing the A button, it returns to Resetti's conversation (rant) with the player.]

  • Huh?




  • Then ya cry about it and tell me it's your right to reset. And I tell ya, I get what you're sayin', but...




  • HEYYYY! [Name]!

Again with this? Ya don't stop!


  • That ain't gonna cut the mustard, kid. All WRONG. Guess we gotta do it again!
  • Quit it already! You're ruinin' my nerves! Now...


  1. Failing to catch a cool fish or accidentally spend all of your money by purchasing useless items, forcing you to undo the mistake by resetting without saving.
  2. In the case of Animal Crossing: Wild World, the battery in your Nintendo DS running out.
  3. Turning off or resetting the console without saving (especially if your parents force you to turn off the console and sent you to bed).
  4. Dropping the console or removing the game's disc/casette from the tray.
  5. Power outages.
  6. Console turning off itself due to overheating.
  7. Game crashing.
  8. Closing an emulator without saving.

Tips to avoid him

If you are a young player who gets afraid by him, there are some tips to avoid getting scared by him:

  1. Never touch the reset button without saving or the disc tray opener.
  2. If you want to play another game, save the game before resetting. This can be useful if you have few minutes to play before your parents force you to sleep in order in middle of gameplay.
  3. Never use the console for too long in higher temperatures (30'c / 86f or more), which the console overheats even more than in lower temperatures. You can use the console for too long in lower temperatures (recomended 19c 66.2f) which takes longer to overheat the console. Take note that the Nintendo Wii overheats more than the Nintendo GameCube due to the new technologies.
  4. Avoid power outages. If your house consistently suffers of a power outage, do not play Population Growling and its sequels Wild World and City Folk until the consistent power outages are gone.
  5. Always make sure that the disc is not scratched because the result is making the game buggy and it freezes during gameplay which forces you to reset.
  6. If you're playing with someone (it can be your children, your brother, sister, etc:) do not let him/her to turn off the console without saving and make sure he/she saves the game before resetting.
  7. If you're playing Wild World which is a Nintendo DS game, there are some tips:
    1. Always grab well your Nintendo DS in order to avoid the console to fall in the floor which causes the game to come off of the console.
    2. Charge the batteries as soon as possible when the batteries is close to running out.
    3. Avoid tripping over with someone or walking in wet floor while holding the Nintendo DS with the game on because there are high chances that the game come off of the console.
  8. If you receive those causes above and you're scared of him, there are tips to avoid getting scared:
    1. If you're playing games before New Leaf, you must mute your TV or your Nintendo DS in case of Wild World. If the dialogue affects you too, simply do not look the screen for 2-3 minutes by repeatedly tapping A button. However if you're forced to repeat a line of text, simply type the text given by him and repeat.
    2. If you're playing New Leaf, don't worry if you didn't build the Reset Surveillance Center. As soon as the Reset Surveillance Center is builded, he gives you three options whenever you reset. You must choose two of three options which are "I don't remember" or "My batteries died". Do not choose "I wanted to reset" because he gives a overly-long dialogue similar to the previous Animal Crossing games. Choosing those two aforementioned options he gives you a short lecture saying either he didn't remind of you or you must charge the batteries.
  9. If you reset five times, don't worry about his brother because he only gives you a warning.
  10. Don't worry if you're playing New Horizons due to the autosave function and instead of yelling to you, he works in the rescue service.
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