Mutilator (Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.)

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Mutilator is a character in the fighting game Bio F.R.E.A.K.S, as its antagonist & final boss. Typical of a fighter by the creators of Mortal Kombat, this boss is busted beyond human understanding, noted for its strenuous difficulty & utmost lunacy even by Midway's standards, which is saying something.

Why she's a total pain to face

  1. You had just defeated Clonus, a cheap clone of your character taking less damage, deals more himself, can do tricky specials at a pace no human being can do and can spam at will and restless AI. Ergo; you will be exhausted from him before facing this boss most of the time.
  2. You can only damage her chest and back, both containing tiny hitboxes, and it's a mech quintuple your size, so you have to hover just to harm her, which is a terrible idea since you can't really chain moves doing that & don't have much options either. Sure, you can jump, but at the expense of being more vunerable than anything.
  3. The arena is a piranha-infested lake sustained by 3 small platforms. You can't see anything in it and you gradually lose your limbs & instantly die if you don't submerge quick enough, allowing her unexpected cheap hits. While you do see something on PS1, you die faster there! As a result, you'll spend much of the battle underwater, unaided by being greeted with her overpowered attacks we'll get to in a moment.
  4. There is no excuse for choosing that arena because she fits perfectly in any other stage, as seen here. Also, she can't even finish her own win poses without falling off a platform, giving off a lame look to them.
  5. Her left punch dismembers your arm in one strike. Two strikes and both your arms are gone, taking away your ability to punch and shoot with them, leaving you with just your kicks as means of attack. Mind you, you can only decapitate opponents by connecting enough shots on them or with a special combination (that can also luckily behead them for a free win), meaning you cannot delimb or behead her whatsoever, being a giant robot & all that bulldung.
  6. Her attacks, particularly her specials, hit like a funeral, capable of taking most of your health bar in few hits as well as being hard to dodge by their quick telegraphs and giant hitboxes. Apart from the aforementioned Left Punch, she can shoot homing missiles day & night that can chop your arms off to keep you underwater, Left Kick squashes you like an ant, Right Kick pushes you away like a soccer ball, Right Punch does hefty damage and can be shot & worst of all, the Visor (which you can't knock her out of, by the way) and Torso Miniguns can OHKO you depending on how they connect!
  7. Abuses shields every time you use your weapon, rendering it useless for the entire fight.
  8. Vicious AI that breathes your air, spams specials left & right and blocks your moves at times.
  9. Immense knockback that leaves you no chance to chain moves, not helped by the constant hovering & aforementioned barbaric attacks.
  10. The camera is zoomed out to make room for her and does not stop panning in & out, making it hard to react next. Think a certain younger peer mixed with this guy.
  11. You do have to win only one round, but so does she, and considering all of the above, it does NOT make up for it.
  12. Remains that arduous regardless of difficulty.
  13. The game has a mechanic where blood briefly splatters the screen when mutilation takes place. Since Mutilator can do that like it's nothing, you see even less of the screen, re-enforcing part of #3.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great theme songs.
  2. Cool design.
  3. Sympathetic backstory. She was a woman experimented on by Micro-Gene, one of the corporations behind the game's events, to test their cybernetic enhancements before her brain was encased into Mutilator, mind-controlled by them to become the death machine she is now. Unbeknowst to them, the woman still has her own thoughts, dying to be freed from this nightmare as a puppet of a wretched company hoping to prove their prowess.
  4. Playable by hacking the game, and a broken blast at that. Plus, unlike most giant bosses, she can duck, showing more to her move set that the CPU doesn't use.
  5. Indirectly responsible for the memetic badassery out of regular character Ssapo thanks to fighting game Youtuber Maximillian Dood.


  1. Despite her masculine voice, the game's manual and her backstory states she's female. This can be seen by taking a closer look at her winning mannerisms, which are feminine in nature.
  2. On the PS1, she has her own theme song. On the N64, due to cartridge limitations, Clonus' PS1 theme is both hers and that of the port itself, while the sub-boss has none, with the selected character's theme playing instead.
  3. As the linked video showed, it took Maximillian 108 TRIES and nearly THREE HOURS just to beat this boss alone on Freak (Hardest) difficulty. He even admits mid-battle he was close to vomiting from the pain.