NTSC-U Money Cap Glitch (Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3)

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    The Money Cap Glitch is a glitch in the NTSC-U release of Shutokou Battle 01 (Also known as Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 outside of Japan).

    How To Activate

    The glitch is encountered in the NTSC-U version of Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, since the currency got unnecessarily converted from Yen to Dollars, which resulted into a wanderer named Whirlwind Fanfare to be nigh-impossible to be encountered since the localized release was rushed and has a 99,999,990 CP money cap, resulting in the original 100,000,000 CP requirement being kept by accident instead of being reduced to 1,000,000 CP.

    Why It Sucks

    1. While not technically "game-breaking", but converting the currency from Yen to Dollars was downright unnecessary and Genki, the game's developers, weren't aware of the consequences that will ensue and learned the hard way of doing so. Which is why the game didn't get a PAL release with any bugs or glitches fixed, specially due to the limited release in North America.
    2. Unlike in the original NTSC-J release, which you can legitimately reach 100,000,000 CP (equivalent to 1,000,000 dollars), the currency in the NTSC-U version is capped at 99,999,990 CP due to the conversion mentioned above.
    3. If you don't have GameShark or Action Replay, you cannot face Unknown, the game's final boss, since you're forced to do 100% completion in the game (which you'll have to beat all rivals including wanderers due to the ridiculous and downright frustrating requirements). Also, the said feature was first implemented in Tokyo Xtreme Racer: Zero.
    4. This glitch also caused another rival titled "Exotic Butterfly" to require a lot of playtime to encounter, as his requirement in the original NTSC-J version (20,000,000 CP in yen) was not converted to dollars (200,000 CP).

    How To Fix

    1. If you have GameShark or Action Replay, you can activate the "Infinite cash" and "Max CP" cheats. After that, you'll be able to encounter Whirlwind Fanfare in Osaka (or usually in Tokyo). Once you defeat the said wanderer, save the game and deactivate the said cheats so you can proceed and legitimately beat the game's remaining bosses including Unknown himself.
    2. Alternatively if you have a powerful computer that runs the PCSX2 emulator well, you can use the Cheat Engine to hack the money. To do so you must simply put the starting money value in the Cheat Engine box and then click on First Scan. Select every value and then click the red arrow to import the values. Now simply double-click on the value and set up to a value beyond the money limit which 999,999,990 CP is recommended.
      • Also you can import your savefile to an USB and then export the savefile to other consoles such as the PlayStation 3 when modded with HEN/CFW.
    File:Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 - Osaka's Remaining Wanderers (5 5) (Whirlwind Fanfare!!)
    How to bypass the money cap glitch in the NTSC-U release. (Credits goes to xREGULUSx formely known as Knight1818)