Nightmare Mother (Mega Man X6)

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The Nightmare Mother is a creation of Gate and a boss fight in Mega Man X6. It's the first of the fortress bosses and fourth to last boss in the entire game.

Nightmare Mother is infamous among fans of the X series for being one of the if not the hardest boss in not just X6 but the entire X series as a whole.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Nightmare Mother's design reflects the rushed state of the game, as it's sprite is clearly 2 images with barely any animation slaped one on top of another.
  2. Related to the above, Nightmare Mother's many moves are very poorly looking and lack logical consistency in their behaviour
    • Energy waves shot from its eyes, there are many of them and they stick and move by the walls leaving you barely any room to move.
    • Big electrical balls come out of it's eyes in random directions and randomly shoot lightning instantaneously.
    • A giant stream of fireballs come out of one of it's eyes once again randomly and fall onto you randomly.
    • A small firey projectile that it's shoot onto the ground and immediatly turns the entire floor ablaze.
    • Moving across the screen spining in the room it can be either clock-wise or counter-clock-wise, it's impossible to know which it will be.
  3. Just like other bosses before it, Nightmare Mother is completely invulnerable until it uses any of it's attacks.
  4. It's only weakpoints are it's eyes, but you'll only be able to damage them when they come out to do an attack.
  5. The stage are just two wall the floor and the ceiling similar to Volt Kurageil but without the water gimmick that made it interesting.
  6. The Nightmare Mother has a lot of HP and high defenses even a hypotetic maxed out characters with all the upgrades (which would be nearly impossible to obtain) does little damage.
  7. Nightmare Mother most dangerous tool is it's collision damage both blobs will spin across the room in a random pattern (already mentioned above) barely giving you anytime to react and if it's enough for your reflexes, it won't last, since once it reaches half it's health the cooldown will dissappear and will only ever stop to attack you (which can take a while).
  8. Aside from his high defense all of it's attacks hit like a truck even the best armors and upgrades equipped.
  9. It's eyes, (it's only weak spot) are hard to reach, are dificult to hit without getting hit yourself, spam projectiles, are only vulnerable on certain moments and on top of all that they have invencibility frames after each hit! Meaning that all the multi hit weapons you may have at this point are useless and even weaker than the normal ones!
  10. Very improperly unbalanced difficulty. The first eight bosses of the game are mostly pushovers with only 1 or 2 of them actually giving some challenge (and even those pale in comparison), meaning, that every new-player is gonna beat the eight main stages get to the fortress and the first boss is this literal giant wall (or walls in this case), and when they finally beat it, they will find out that the rest of the fortress bosses, aren't even that hard! They can be tedious but not insane, High max, Dr Doppler's ripoff, or even Sigma himself,they don't compare to Nightmare Mother in dificulty, since they do less damage, are easier to hit and are way smaller.
  11. Long story short, it has SNK Boss Syndrome. In a shooter platform game.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Its theme is very good.
  2. The Nightmare Mother collectible card looks pretty good.


  1. Be sure to have both the jumper and dasher parts equip, they will allow you to move faster and jump higher.
  2. Use Zero, his double jump makes it easier to dodge the rotation phases.
  3. Get all the heart tanks and fill all of the E tanks and the W tank.
  4. If you try using X, then use the Shadow Armor, as not only can he stick to walls with it, but his special attack deals tons of damage if landed correctly.