No Key Glitch (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon)

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No Key Glitch is a game glitch exclusive to Scarescrapper (known as Thrill Tower in other versions of the game) mode from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon / Luigi's Mansion 2, it's about a key not being available in a specific room despite the game's touchscreen map still showing the key icon, making the current floor impossible to complete if a part of the mission is in a locked room.

How To Activate

Play the Scarescrapper mode with a Luigi group or alone, where this glitch can happen in one of the floors with chances of not allowing the player(s) finish the objective.

Why It Sucks

  1. Unlike other glitches which have a reason to happen and specific ways to trigger it, this one can happen randomly in Scarescrapper which no real explanation at all.
  2. It loves to happen in the floors where a key is required to progress, if you did a good run in the mode and can't find the key no matter what, too bad so sad.
  3. The game still has the audacity to show the key icon in one of the rooms, so you are likely to waste time trying to find the key anywhere just to notice it is not available.
  4. It can make getting 100% more annoying than usual, as there are some locked Scarescrapper options and ghost bosses that barely show up only in this mode (it's impossible to know the next boss before clearing 5 floors, but still).
  5. The game never got official updates to remove or fix such problem.
    • The 2011 game Mario Kart 7 got an update to fix glitches from the game's online mode, so what's the excuse? Not to mention, the same game got another one in 2023.
    • Hopefully the Nintendo Switch rerelease doesn't have this glitch.


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