Nox (Warframe)

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The Nox is a type of Grineer enemy, wielding an heavy weapon that fires blobs of toxic sludge, and a strong armor.

Beware of this dangeous bullet sponge, and its toxins.

Noxs are hated by the player for their difficulty, but for the wrong reasons.

Why it Sucks

  1. Noxes are large bullet sponges, as they can sustain heavy damage without any problem, due to a large damage reduction that they have.
  2. Even if removing his armor by any means (Mag's Polarize, corrosive damage, certain Warframe's abilities and augment mods, or Unairu's Sundering Dash), the nox will still take low damage.
    • This effect also applies to True Damage, making them survive from otherwise fatal stealth takedowns (unless you have Covert Lethality).
  3. Their weapon fires blobs of toxic sludge, which can also slow you down.
  4. They have Alloy Armor, which is stronger against Slash, Shock and Magnetic damage.
    • Also, they have Cloned Flesh, which is weaker by Slash damage, but not to Impact, Gas and Void damage.
  5. Despite their weapon not being able to go to medium distances (as it has a slow arc), the Nox compensates that with a charge attack, which can make you fall if being caught over.
  6. Noxes are protected by an helmet, which takes constant hits, before breaking.
  7. If you destroy its helmet, a constant cloud of toxin will envelop the Nox, making it more dangerous.
    • This also makes his charge attack more dangerous.
  8. Even after defeating it, the Nox will release a toxic cloud, regardless if you destroyed his helmet or not, causing the toxin status.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Nox has a cool and amazing design. Also, the reason for its toxic cloud makes sense, as because it got bloated and disfigured by the chemicals, he wears an helmet to conserve it.
  2. Nox's Alloy Armor and Cloned Flesh are weaker to respectively Radiation and Viral damage, two of the good status effects against most of the grineers.
  3. Nox's head doesn't have damage reduction, which can favour headshots.
  4. They only require 3 scans, to be able to complete their codex entry.
  5. Nox still stagger and ragdoll like most of the enemies in warframe making stun-locking strategies a good alternative.