Onslaught (Marvel Vs Capcom)

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Onslaught is the main antagonist and final boss of Marvel vs Capcom. He continues the trend of the franchise started by Apocalypse, but unlike him, Onslaught is known for being stupidly cheap and is considered the hardest boss in the entire series, which is saying something considering he shares his home with Cyber-Akuma, Galactus & Ultron-Omega.

Why He Sucks

  1. Onslaught has 2 phases and has both his health bars get refilled up, and you don't get your health bar refilled between both (except in the PS1 version).
  2. Onslaught is a machine of spamming projectiles non-stop. and has an enormous variety of projectiles, which includes;
    • Sentiel Attack: Onslaught can summon enormous sentinels that dash towards you.
    • Sentiel Force: Onslaught can summon small bombardier sentinels that drop bombs.
    • Magnetic Tempest: Fires a barrage of meteors at the player. A beefed-up attack of Magneto's.
    • Hyper Gravitation: Also another move from Magneto, fires four light green lighting spheres, only with longer range, unblockable and lets you exposed for a really powerful attack.
    • Magnetic Shockwave: Yet another Magneto move, this attack involves large light orange energy pillars to appear.
    • Hyper Mind Blast: Onslaught can fire a large light blue energy beam from his face similar to Cyclops' Mega Optic Blast.
  3. All of Onslaught's attacks deal enormous damage, a lot of which is not recoverable by switching characters.
  4. A nasty attack that Onslaught sometimes uses is creating a clone of your character with small life, which can't be interrupted.
  5. Onslaught has only one physical attack that hits many times.
  6. Onslaught can be stunned for a short time, but this takes a lot of hits and he quickly recovers, even during specials after which he teleports away.
  7. His second phase is a giant that can move freely around the entire stage, including places where you can barely hit him as only his head can be hit, gaining a new moveset whilst keeping the Hyper-Grav fortunately for him.
    • Claw Crush: His regular punch, his multi-hit giant arm to ram you in, deals a lot of damage.
    • Rushing Arm: Best known as the Mighty Hand, he goes off-screen and comes back with a heavy punch dealing herculean damage & a lot of chip damage, too. Perhaps the most infamous part of the fight, (not) helped by the spamming of said move.
    • Mind Blast: Onslaught's deadliest attack, firing an energy laser that creates laser columns.
      1. Multiple Mind Blast: Onslaught can also shoot up to 3 energy lasers that deal insane damage if you get hit.
  8. Due to Onslaught's enormous size in both forms, there are lots of Super moves that don't affect him.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Superb themes.
  2. Stellar design.
  3. Both of his forms are playable in the PS1 version with all of his moves intact.
  4. In the PS1 port, he deals less absurd damage & the player character's health bar gets refilled after the first round, therefore being much easier to deal with.
  5. As a character, he's quite fascinating & somewhat urgent. See Trivia for more details.


  1. An easy way to beat his second form is by using a Super when he does the Rushing Arm. Doing it correctly will shave off about 70% of his health bar, which is incredibly helpful, especially in the arcades.


  • He originally first fully appeared in X-Men Vol. 2, Issue #56. After Professor Xavier snapped & shut down Magneto's mind after a very nasty assault the villain made against Wolverine, Magneto's volatile mind merged with Xavier's 3-decade-long supressed negative feelings in his subconscious, giving birth to the one and only Onslaught.
  • It lead to a major Marvel crossover that took Every. Single. Superhero. Of. The. Brand. to take him down. That alone should chime you in for this boss. Long story short, talk about your own long-suppressed feelings with trustworthy people, not with those that aren't what they think they are. No one wants to deal with an Onslaught like in the comics or in this game.