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A huge no thank you to Rockstar by creating a hoverbike for a community that is known for having lots of toxic tryhards and griefers. But at least they got its name right.

The Pegassi Oppressor Mk II is a custom hoverbike featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the After Hours update in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, released on July 14th, 2018, during the The Black Madonna Residency Week event.

This hoverbike is extremely infamous by widely considered one of most overpowered vehicles in the entire franchise and is overly used by most of tryhards and griefers alongside with the Rhino Tank, the TM-02 Khanjali (a futuristic tank), the Hydra (Harrier Jet), Akula (a stealth chopper) etc: as well as overpowered weapons such as Heavy Sniper Rifle Mk II with explosive ammo and Orbital Cannon.

Why It's Oppressive

  1. First of all, the Oppressor Mk II make absolutely no sense engineering wise, it's large turbofan engine has next to no heat shielding and would have baked the rider within seconds, it's also installed onto the small, compact frame of a motorcycle which shouldn't be able to hold enough fuel to last more than a couple of minutes. Pyro Realm Gaming has compared the Oppressor Mk II to a magical broomstick.
  2. The Oppressor Mk II has literally no kryptonite, while fragile, it's fast and small enough to evade most attacks, and also can deploy countermeasures to shake off missiles, and its homing missiles are precise, powerful, has a consistent rate of fire and is only limited by its ammunition capacity. This effectively rendered vehicles such as tanks and attack helicopters etc obsolete. Only a handful of vehicles or weapons can even hope to stand a chance against it.
  3. This vehicle is extremely overpowered and requires little-to-no skill to kill any other player with its homing rockets that track them with extremely high precision, causing a imbalance in terms of gameplay along with a dreadful controversy.
  4. Is nearly impossible to avoid it's homing missiles they launch, which has some of the best homing capabilities in the game, comparable to that of a Ruiner 2000's or a Chernobog's. This creates extremely humongous difficulty spike if you want to complete Cargo missions or Freemode Events to grind more money, unless you are performing missions like night club sell missions, which at least prevents your delivery vehicles from being locked on by their missiles.
  5. Speaking of Freemode Events and Cargo, Nightclub, any MC businesses, Gunrunning and Aircraft sales are only possible to do in Public sessions making you a target for griefers and if you encounter with those type of griefers while doing those missions, you're screwed! And to make the things worse, you cannot enable Passive Mode to avoid the griefers. Ghost organization, while an option, will cost you a decent amount of money just to use.
  6. Attempting to kill them is very luck based so they end up killing to you again and again without giving you any chance to retaliate, especially when said Mk II rider is a relentless PvP tryhard.
  7. Before, it's actually possible to enter passive mode when riding the Oppressor Mk II, this allow for an extremely cheap exploit called "passive popping", which allows the rider to enter passive mode, sneak up on their target and blow them to kingdom come.
    • Thankfully, Rockstar eventually decided to do something about it, and disabled passive mode on all weaponized vehicles except for a handful of exceptions like the Annihilator Stealth. But griefers and tryhards can always use Off the Radar.
  8. Since the Mk II is considered to be a motorcycle, it can be requested from both the Terrorbyte menu and the MC menu, meaning that even if you have scrapped a hostile player's Mk II, they can just as quickly respawn and get a new one.
    • Eventually, Rockstar nerfed the Oppressor Mk II's respawn and forced a 5 minute cooldown before the owner can request a new one.
  9. The paywall behind the Oppressor Mk II is simply ludicrously high. By default, it costs $3,890,250 to get your own Mk II. Even with trade price, it costs a staggering $2,925,000 to purchase, but even if you want to customize or upgrade this thing, you'll have to purchase a Terrorbyte which can cost up to $3,459,500, and finally to own a Terrorbyte, you'll need a nightclub, and even the cheapest one can set you back for another $1,080,000.
    • Even worse as for April 27, 2023 the price is now increased to 8 million making it a even serious paywall than ever before.
  10. The addition of this hoverbike is too sci-fi and futuristic which is out of place for a game set in the urban city. Its very presence in the world of GTA utterly disrupts the world building Rockstar spent years creating. That's like adding attack helicopters or tanks in Red Dead Online.
  11. This hoverbike is a copycat of the Specter (the STAG hoverbike, not the sports car in this game based on the Aston Martin DB11) from Saints Row: The Third.
Before Oppressor MkII existed, there was this and is way much better than this griefer machine.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The design is neat despite the bike look identical to the Specter hoverbike from Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.
  2. To prevent cargo or product being destroyed by cargo griefers, you can always go to a solo public session via an exploit: by using Task Manager to stop GTA5.exe in 10 seconds and then starting it again. However this works only on PC.
  3. Rockstar seems to have realized their mistake in adding something as broken as the Oppressor MkII, and eventually toned down the amount of weaponized vehicles added in future updates, along with nerfing the Oppressor MkII's homing missiles and countermeasures in The Criminal Enterprises update.
  4. The Criminal Enterprises Update eventually saw the Oppressor Mk II nerfed, reducing its countermeasure's count and cooldown speed, as well as its missile homing capabilities. This at least allows other vehicles like the Deluxo, or helicopters to put up a better fight against the Oppressor Mk II.
  5. Someone on TikTok had already starting an in-game "side job" of dumping random players' Mk II, by trashing them into the open seas, and valet parking them nicely, in a dump truck. Proof?

How To Prevent Them

There are ways to prevent those annoying griefers:

  • Use any kind of heavily armored vehicle that takes up to several rockets like the MOC (Mobile Operations Center) trailer which it takes up to 70 homing missiles from MK2 griefers while the hoverbike only has 20 missiles.
  • The Contract updates adds a series of vehicles that has access to Imani Tech, which includes armor plating that allows it to survive against the Mk II's missiles, and the missile lock-on jammer which outright prevents them from locking onto your vehicle.
  • The Up-n-Atomizer, which has unlimited ammo and can knock a rider off the Oppressor Mk II, but it has a low rate of fire and slow projectile velocity which makes it tricky to use against the nimble Oppressor Mk II, but it may scare off some of the unskilled Mk II riders.
  • The Ruiner 2000 in the Fully Loaded VIP mission, which not only has unlimited missiles, greatly increased durability, but also cannot be locked up by homing missiles, allowing the driver to retaliate against Oppressor Mk II riding griefers and tryhards. However, you can only request this VIP work about once every 20 minutes. So your only chance is to anger the griefers and tryhards enough that they leave the lobby altogether.
  • The Stromberg, which has missiles that are as accurate as the Runner 2000's but also much better durability, but it's rather cumbersome and can be outmaneuvered by the Oppressor Mk II.
  • The Chernobog, while effective against airborne enemies, requires you to remain stationary to even use its weapons and can be destroyed with just one missile from the Oppressor Mk II, so it's more of a mutually assured destruction weapon even when used properly.
  • The Thruster, which is more of a defensive vehicle. For some reason, when flying in a straight line, the Oppressor Mk II's missiles struggles to hit it. The trick some players use is just to fly in a straight line and wait until the Mk II runs out of missiles, and then turn around to strike back.
  • The Pyro, which requires a hefty amount of skill to use, as the pilot will have to use the jet's countermeasures, speed and maneuverability to evade the missiles, and then retaliate when the Mk II retreats to reload.
  • Your yacht, if you are really desperate, you can lure the Mk II rider to your yacht, which can force him to retreat, otherwise the yacht's AA defenses can make short work of him.

Unfortunately, this cannot be applied in the aforementioned missions that requires to do in public sessions which forces you to use specific delivery vehicles, and many of these options will set you back several millions as well.


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