Optic Sunflower/Troia Base (Mega Man X8)

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Optic Sunflower is one of the 8 Mavericks in mh:awesomegames:Mega Man X8 and is found in Troia Base. His stage is easily one of the lower points in the entire game.

Why They Suck

  1. The level is really bland: it consists of beating test rooms the less amount of time possible. Depending on the time, you will move on the board; you will continue the same trajectory upward or you will go down - this will be indicated by the color of the timer during the test (white = you go up , yellow = you continue straight, and red = you go down). The only way to obtain the medals (that give you upgrades) is by getting in the highest parts of the board. The main problem is that the tests, besides the first one, all consist of the same routine: killing enemies in the lowest amount of time possible.
  2. The rooms themselves are connected by intricately annoying hallways. While the first ones are easy, later ones are filled with spikes and instant death pits, making death really easily since you need really precise moves and jumps to cross. Worse yet, if you lose a life you go down in the board, which can easily cost you a collectable.
  3. The fight with Optic Sunflower can be really annoying mainly for his laser attacks that require extremely precise movement to dodge
  4. The weapons that Zero and X get are awful; Zero gets the Teshouha (which consist of hitting the ground and creating a giant laser pillar you can stand on) and is really lame specially comparing it to the Giga attacks from past entries, and also it has an slow start and short horizontal range. X's weapon, the shinning ray, shoots a firework that divides in 8 projectiles that go in all 8 directions, is even worse since it really imprecise and slow to start. It doesn't help that the bosses that are weak to this weapons, Belial Sigma and Dark Mantis, are really fast and have attacks with long range and move a lot.

Redeeming qualities

  1. While the weapons that Zero and X get absolutely suck, the weapon that Axl gets ( a really fast laser gun) is pretty good
  2. If you have data from Command Mission or you enter a specific code, in the last test room, you (As X, Axl or Zero) will fight an 8-bit Cut Man from the classic series, which is a really cool Easter egg. On the PC version, get the highest rank on every minigame. Easier said than done, so please, for the love of God, DO NOT DIE.
  3. if you use Zero equiped with the Z Glaive or the Sigma Blade along side the spinning technique of Dark Mantis getting good scores in the test rooms is a lot easier. On PS2, hold the left stick either up or down and the D-Pad in the opposite direction to make Zero fly upward (or in the case of the second trial, stay hovering). On PC, just hold both the up and down arrow keys.