Overhaul's Final Form (My Hero One's Justice 2)

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Overhaul's (Real name being Kai Chisaki) Final Form is the final boss in the Hero's Story in My Hero's One's Justice 2, where you have to beat this monstrocity of a boss as Izuku Midoriya (At Full Crow 100%)

Why He Sucks

  1. Because Overhaul's final form is a giant monster like in the anime, it is a giant character compared to all the other characters.
  2. Overhaul's Final Form even has some symptoms of SNK Boss Syndrome, such as having high HP by having not one health bar like you do, but 3 health bars!
  3. And not to mention that it's a giant boss (And by making Midoriya looks like a ant and Overhaul's final form like a elephant in comparison).
  4. And some of Overhaul's moves are extremely broken such as some of his attacks nearly attacking you while your attacking or trying to dodge.
  5. His Plus Ultra attacks do a massive amount of damage, such as his 2nd Plus Ultra nearly wiping your health bear out.
  6. Unlike the anime, the model for the boss feels very bland. 
  7. And the final battle is a difficulty spike where it's just this harshly hard boss that you gotta deal with to the point you want to throw your controler at your TV.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite you having 1 health bar, the game gives the player character a chance when you can use Eri to heal you.
  2. Very epic music.
  3. It's very satisfying when the boss is beat and where Midoriya destroys the boss completely.
  4. And on the Villains Story, you get to play as Overhaul's final form to give the game a taste of their own medicine.


  1. Make sure to save Eri's power to heal you unless if it's nessicary.
  2. When Overhaul is about to use his Plus Ultra, make sure to dash behind him to dodge they attack.
  3. Make sure to not spam attacks all the time otherwise that'll get you attacked by Overhaul's attacks.
  4. Make sure to conserve your Plus Ultras so you can use it to unleash a powerful attack and also use it when Overhaul isn't going to attack.