PLR Hightower (Team Fortress 2)

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Hightower is a Payload Race map in Team Fortress 2 and was released with the Engineer Update as an official map. The teams must elevate their carts up the eponymous "hightower" in order for a team to win.

The goal of the map is for RED and BLU to simultaneously push their carts through enemy territory in order to reach the finishing point. At the same time, each team must prevent the other from doing the same.

Hightower has a significantly different ending stage than other Payload or Payload Race maps. Bomb carts will travel vertically up the tower when pushed but will quickly fall to the base if left alone. This makes the style of gameplay much more reliant on continuous cart pushing. The towers function similarly to the steep slopes on maps such as Pipeline.

Why It Sucks

  1. It has several Sniper balconies, which basically gives the map the 2fort Syndrome.
  2. Noone actually captures on this map, as all it is rocket jumping Soldiers trying to Market Garden and people duking it out. It has gotten to a point where capping is almost forbidden on most Hightower matches and some servers even remove the cart!
  3. It is possible to spawncamp, since you push the cart through the spawn area of the enemy, allowing you to drop everything and spawncamp.
  4. The U Turn prior to getting up the slope is hard to get through in most matches, as people will set up defenses, and Pyros can just airblast you off the map.
  5. People will actually have the nerve to kick you if you even dare to capture.
  6. It has lots of open space that serves no purpose but for classes like Pyro to duke it out in deathmatch.
  7. Hightower games are usually never finished due to the fact that you aren't even allowed to capture.