Paraboloid (Super Monkey Ball)

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    You call that a bonus stage, I called that the "Mosh Pit of Doom"...
    ... and good luck escaping this bonus stage.

    Paraboloid is the 60th stage in Advance Challenge mode and the 100th stage (120th stage without continues) of Ultimate Challenge mode in Super Monkey Ball Deluxe, as well as the 37th stage of DX mode in Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

    Why It's The Mosh Pit Of Doom

    1. For starters, this bonus stage does not show up as a goal gate, making it impossible to clear this stage. Therefore, making this stage as a joke.
    2. Players cannot escape this stage due to tall walls, therefore they need to gain air momentum just so they can clear this stage.
    3. There are 108 (88 in Banana Mania) bananas in this stage, making it impossible to collect all of them while they finish it in 60 seconds.
    4. The floors are elliptic, therefore they cannot escape quickly with an elliptic appearance.
    5. When they attempted to escape, they can bump onto the walls, therefore making it harder to fall out or gain Bonus Finish.
    6. Wasted Potential: Developers would have added a gate in the center of the stage, but instead comes off as a starting line.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. This stage is considered optional due to being a bonus stage.
    2. Players can have a chance to escape when the characters move quickly on the elliptic floors.