Phantom (Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle)

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Want a better ghost fight? Take our advice, and fight King Boo in Luigi’s Mansion.

Phantom is a boss from the spin-off game, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, he is a Ravin Rabbit mixed in with a Boo, he is the main boss of the third world and is the third and penultimate boss fight of the game, this boss is somewhat infamous for his difficulty.

Why He Sucks

  1. The player can't damage Phantom directly, instead you have to dash spotlights before you can hurt him, which is annoying, particularly during the final phase, which has THREE spotlights that must be dashed.
  2. Phantom can fire sonic waves, which can cause a very annoying effect which is a bounce. It's pretty similar to a push, and considering that the arena is above a bottomless pit, that says a lot.
  3. The spotlights are pretty spread out.
  4. Phantom has an ability where if you move, he turns you to a stone, which makes you useless.
  5. Somewhat cheap enemy placements.
  6. The Phantom has a lot of HP, being that he has 500 HP and keep in mind that this boss (much like the previous two bosses) has three phases, so in other words, he has 1500 HP!
  7. If going for 100% completion, you must keep all three characters alive, so if one of them loses, you have to start the entire boss all over again.
  8. Much like previous bosses, if the player characters lose to Phantom, you have to watch a really long cutscene, and the worst part is, it is unskippable!!!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Phantom has a really neat design.
  2. Before and during the boss battle, Phantom sings a really funny and entertaining song, to make things even more interesting, he actually talks!
  3. Despite being the penultimate boss, Phantom does surprisingly very little damage (making himself a "Stone Wall"), so at least its not too bad.
  4. You get an incredible generous 9 turn limit for 100% completion.
  5. It's really satisfying when you finally beat him.


  1. Get each character at a time to dash into a spotlight, as in the final phase, the spotlights will be in that character's position.
  2. Keep the characters in the middle of the arena at all times, as Phantom's sonic waves can cause a bounce effect, and keep in mind that the arena is surrounded by a pit.
  3. If you want an easier time with fighting Phantom and get an easy 100%, wait until you beat the game, because you will have access to very powerful weapons.


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