Pichu (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, pre-3.1.0)

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A terrible way of making Pichu buffed when it returned in Ultimate. First we have it being absolutely pathetic, then not appearing in Brawl and Sm4sh, and now THIS?

Pichu is a returning fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It did not reappear in Brawl and For 3DS and Wii U, so it made a comeback in Ultimate with buffs, but ended up becoming broken at the game's launch, however patched in later updates to adjust its balance.

Why It Used To be Shockingly Broken

NOTE: This page is only talking about how it used to be broken in Ultimate, before it was balanced in update 3.1.0, not to mention this page is only talking about its moveset and playstyle, not it as a character. Also, the main heading is "Why It Used To Suck", because Pichu will not be referred to with words like he/she, as while Pichu is not non-binary, it's gender is random.

  1. Its Side-B was basically just for everything, like attacking and horizontal recovering unlike its Up-B.
  2. Speaking of which, it was so powerful, especially at max-charge, that it can even one-shot opponents despite that it can charge faster than Roy's Neutral-B (when close to the blast-zone). It also moves at high speeds and will most likely hit you due to it being so hard to dodge.
  3. It's Neutral Special is a pain to deal with, especially if it is spammed.
  4. Its Down-B is also fast, especially when it uses it as a down projectile.
  5. It was very lightweight and still has its recoil damage, making it an easy character to defeat. Heck, it can even be defeated in less than a minute in its Challenger Approach!
  6. Its F-Smash, while having short range, was also overpowered.
  7. The scream it makes when it uses its Final Smash is very annoying and depending on your view, even ear-piercing.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Has a good new voice compared to Melee (despite sounding the same for the most part).
  2. It does have its weaknesses, since it is lightweight meaning it is KO'd fairly easily.
  3. It was nerfed in later patches, so it was properly balanced thankfully.


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