Piconjo's Story Ending

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This Ending Makes Zelda: Link's Awakening's Ending Look Like a Joke in Comparison

Piconjo's Story Ending It is one of several endings of the game Newgrounds Rumble,this ending tells what happened after Piconjo has murdered all the Newground Protectors and is simply disturbing

Why This Ending Suck

  1. This Is Undoubtedly One Of The Darkest And Edgy Endings Of All Browser Games Ever Made,AND IS ON A GAME MADE FOR PRE-TEENAGERS
  2. It is understood that after Piconjo murdered all Newgrounds Protectors, all civilians were left helpless and unprotected from Tyranny and Piconjo's attacks, this is very disturbing.
  3. The Image Is Horrific, Showing Piconjo With A Psycho Smile, With A Sword Totally Bloodied As He Dismembers And Disfigures Innocent Civilians


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