Plant a Bug (Sleeping Dogs)

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The minigame that suffered lots of stressful moments in the GTA clone history.

Plant a Bug is a minigame introduced in Sleeping Dogs. The goal is planting a bug to the sweet spot located in green. This game is infamous by the controls being clunkier.

Why it Sucks

  1. In order to plant the bug you must stay in the 70-80 dB sensitivity and 130-140 Hz frequency for some seconds. Depending of the player's sensitivity or controller's sensitivity, it can be really clunky as it swerves away of the sweet spot making planting the bug extremely difficult.
  2. Every mission with planting a bug segment has a strict time limit which combined with the sensitivity it makes the game even more difficult.
  3. The places to the sweet spot changes every time you cancel the minigame which makes the mini-game feel luck-based. This can lead a problem if planting a bug requires to put in the middle sections of the places.
  4. If you finally manage to plant the bug you must do another objective within the time spend during the plant a bug minigame. Failure to do that objective, you're forced to repeat the plant a bug segment.
  5. If you're playing in consoles, not only you must calibrate the sensitivity and the frequency, but you must stay both the sensitivity and the frequency making you lose precious amount of time to do the next objective as well makes the minigame far more difficult than doing so in PC version.
  6. To make the things even worse, two of the missions "Listening In" and "Conflicted Loyalties" are mandatory to do such minigame and if you're struggling a lot with this minigame especially in consoles, there's no chance but you're forced to do so in order to progress in the storyline which makes the game nearly unbeatable.