Pneuma Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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The Aegises flavor of the Byleth's Sothis Spirit

The Pneuma Spirit Battle is a DLC Legend Spirit Battle in the Spirits Mode in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which pits the player character against a Pyra/Mythra and Shulk A.I. It’s notorious for its frustrating difficulty.

Why It Won’t Reach Elysium

  1. If Pyra/Mythra are at high damage, their movement speed increases, making hitting them and knocking them out an infuriating task.
  2. They also become Metal at High Damage permanently instead of occasionally, which is not only contradictory to the condition but also makes them more knocking them out more an infuriating task.
  3. They can also spam the Sudden Final Smash at times instead of making their Sudden Final Smash occasional, which is annoying.
  4. They can also successfully hit the player character at the most annoying range and annoying times.
  5. Shulk is also a Major annoyance as he can constantly interrupt the player character’s chance of Hitting and Knocking out Pyra and Mythra and can also put cheap hits on the player character.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Spirit ability, Critical Healing & Metal, is mostly good as it heals at 30% and gives metal for 39 seconds.
  2. The Opponents have 130 HP which is less than the Player Character’s 150 HP.


  1. Equip Spirits with Jam FS Charge, or Metal Killer and Autoheal.