Predator Head (Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin)

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An awful final boss battle from an equally awful game.

The Predator (more accurately, Predator Head) is the final boss of Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin for the NES based on the film of the same title.

Ever since the negative reception of the game due to several flaws with the graphics (Dutch wearing a pink outfit instead of blue like in the MSX version), as well as the enemies (besides the Predator) and the gameplay having nothing to do with the movie and poor controls. This boss is no exception for extremely poor grasp of the source material.

Why It Sucks

  1. The idea behind this boss: A big floating head, one of the most cliched boss ideas ever and this was the best they could come up with? It's like the game designers spent five minutes on making this boss and then release the game.
  2. There is no strategy. All the Predator Head does is float around with no discernible pattern.
  3. It only has one attack and that is barfing projectiles and nothing else. No arm blades, no plasma caster, no punches to the face, just the same attack over and over.
  4. What does the hero Dutch Schaefer have in the way of weapons and tactics? He jumps up and shoots a laser twice. No spears, no traps, no grenades, just him jumping up and shooting a laser twice.
  5. What the final battles boils down to is you fire your laser and the Predator barfs its projectiles so you keep hitting each other until one of you is dead.
  6. At this point, this game becomes tedious and repetitive that the only way to keep you on your toes is if you're playing this game on a balancing beam.
  7. After the Predator removes its mask revealing its true form faithful to the film, nothing changes aside from moving faster and summoning the same attacks over and over again.
  8. In most games when one final boss' form is defeated and change into another, their attacks become more harder to avoid, change up their patterns and become harder. That's not the case here as both phases are pitifully easy.
  9. Why even bother to change form at all if the Predator becomes less of a threat and more of a joke?
  10. Bad hit detection as the Predator is vulnerable in its mouth and the half of the time when you shoot it, no damage is registering as it'll register a hit while making a sound effect.
  11. Defeating the Predator Head is unsatisfying as it just fades from existence and question who cares that it's there. (The only way this fight could have been more lazily designed is if the developers just made you fight the regular, body-having Predator again.)
  12. This one line in the end, "You are one ugly beast". It is true that they omitted profanity for a NES game, but they could've come up with something better than this. If the line that's offensive, why not just omit it altogether?
  13. Wasted potential: You were expecting an fun and exciting final battle with Dutch versus The Predator. But all that happens is just an ugly sprite that it just looks like Jason Voorhees' mask resting on a pile of bin bags.