Prion (Plague Inc: Cure Mode)

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Ironic, some people say this is harder than the Bio-Weapon
Type: Puzzle/Strategy
Appearance: Plague Inc. and Plague Inc. Evolved
Difficulty: Unfair and Confusing
Franchise: Plague Inc.
Previous Level: Fungus (Plague Inc.)

Parasite (Plague Inc. Evolved)

Next Level: Nano-Virus

The Prion is a standard plague in Plague Inc. and Plague Inc. Evolved.It is one of the hardest disease in Cure Mode,tied with Bio-Weapon, Nano-Virus and Fungus

Note: This will include the Cure Mode version of the Prion only,as the Main Game is overall balanced and should not be included

Why It Sucks

  1. The disease start with an unbelievable Lethality meaning it should kill very fast.But it isn't,all because it has a very slow disease progression.But due to its Lethality, it is consider a terminal disease,meaning very low chance of recovery.
  2. Its infectivity is also shockingly high, meaning your Authority will go down quickly due to widespread.But thing only get worse once it started killing, which your Authority will deplete at a lightning speed due to global panic.
    • This also meaning funding Extend Incubation 1,2 and Reassured Infected 1,2 is a must.
  3. On top of that, you also need Rapid Analysis because the disease take longer to analyze,and you wants to analyze it ASAP because you need Extend Incubation 1,2 and Reassured Infected 1,2 ASAP (See WIS #2)
  4. The cure also gets slowed without Neural Enchancers due to infected unable to concentrate.
  5. Overall,this and the Fungus is why Force Lockdown is OP (despite the Non-Compliance it generate).




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