Pyra Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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The Pyra Spirit Battle is a Legend Spirit Battle Segment the spirits mode of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, which pits the player character against a Lucina and Shulk A.I. It is Disliked and considered one of the worst spirit matches for its unfair difficulty.

Why It Doesn’t Feel the Good Burn

  1. The Floor and The Platforms are covered in Lava instead of Just the Floor.
  2. Shulk gets SuperSpicy Curry instead of starting with Fire bar, which is not only not good representation for Rex Having a Fire Blade but also, is an out of Nowhere condition as it wasn’t a given out condition.
    • It also makes the process of hitting/comboing Shulk infuriating or get near without taking damage.
  3. Lucina and Shulk have outrageously boosted Melee weapon Damage, meaning they make cheap hits.
  4. They also can hit the Player Character like a truck and combo them non-stop at times especially when off-stage.
  5. They can also cheaply KO the player character offstage.

Redeeming Quality

  1. This Spirit’s Ability, Assist Killer, Despite not being effective on every Assist NPC, is a good ability.


  1. With Spirits, Pick Up + Equip Lava-Floor Immunity and Item Gravitation Ones.
  2. Without Spirits, Pick Mario or Chrom for example as they can recover onto the stage while KOing opponents off the Stage.