Quiz Show (Rhythm Heaven)

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File:RHM American Quiz Sign.png
Believe me. This won't feel like a quiz or be very rhythmic.

Quiz Show is a segment of the Japanese Rhythm Heaven on Gameboy Advance that also makes it into Rhythm Heaven Megamix on Nintendo 3DS. It is considered boring to quite a few players.

Why It Sucks

  1. The game doesn't punish you for not being in rhythm. It's only goal is for you to mash the buttons the same number of times as the host.
  2. During the main part, the host will sometimes add one or two more taps at the last second. This can screw you over if you don't notice.
  3. The music doesn't play when you are doing the actual game part. Only when the host is talking.
  4. You can fail on the tutorial. Every other game in Rhythm Heaven lets you keep going on the tutorial until you get the controls down. Here however, if you make a mistake on the tutorial, it counts as losing the game as a whole.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. If you can mash the buttons fast enough, you can break the counters and the sign. This is actually pretty funny.
  2. Rhythm Heaven Megamix at least encourages you to be in rhythm by having it where you have to in order to get the star.