Racing the Owl (Donkey Kong 64)

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Racing the Owl is Mission in Donkey Kong 64, in this mission, you play as Diddy Kong and must go though rings created by the owl in Fungi Forest, the fifth level in the game.

While not as bad as the Beetle Races, this mission is known for its difficulty.

Why It Sucks

  1. Diddy Kong must do this mission in the night time.
  2. Being that it is dark out, it makes it hard to see where Diddy kong going.
  3. Diddy Kong's jetpack controls are not designed for precise flying.
  4. Though out the race, you must gather crystal coconuts in the arena to keep your Jet Pack running, because if you (as Diddy Kong) run out of crystal coconuts, he will lose the ability to use the Jet Pack, and not only will he lose the race, but he will also have to recollect a certain amount of crystals.
  5. The Camera doesn't work properly in this race.
  6. Unfair obstacle placements.
  7. Touching branch of a tree will causing Diddy Kong to lose the Jet Pack, forcing the Player to start over.
  8. After you win, you have to do a mini-game barrel afterwards.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least unlike the Beetle, the Owl will not show-off that he won.
  2. Catchy music.