Random Encounters

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Even the best RPGs have forced battles you don't want to be in

Random Encounters are a frequent segment in various RPGs, including Pokémon, Final Fantasy, and the Mother series. It is considered a usually big problem in those RPG games for many reasons.

Why It Sucks

  1. You will not know whenever you will take part in a Random Encounter. Either it will take many steps, or a small amount of steps for the battle to start.
  2. There are no enemies on screen at all, so the random encounters always take the player by surprise. You must be careful with how many steps you take.
  3. Having to forcefully enter a battle when you are in no desire to fight can be frustrating, and it always disrupts your game when you want to explore someplace.
  4. A random encounter will often happen right after you finish a previous battle, which is incredibly annoying.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In the Pokémon games, Random Encounters can be avoided by using Repels.
  2. The Mario RPGs don't have random encounters, because the enemies are always on-screen and can be avoided,