Red Mode Levels (Rally X Remix) (Namco Museum Remix/Megamix)

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Get in the red car and stop Pac-Man from Cheating or Cheat Yourself!

In Rally X Remix you play as Pac-Man and have to eat up all the flags before the red cars from the original / new rally x games catch you but after you beat the game you get to play as the red car character which is the mascot of the original Rally X in one level of each 4 worlds you have to catch Pac-man before he eats all of the flags but these levels have a mixed difficulty challenge either they are too easy or too hard.

Why These Levels Should get a speeding ticket

  1. Pac-man starts before you leaving a disadvantage on the player.
  2. Unlike in the Pac-man levels where the red car doesn't speed you can speed making these levels a total pushover rather than a challenge.
  3. In the World 3 Pac-Man levels there are rocks to block your path but in the red mode level there's not making it frustrating to the player.
  4. Pac-man has unlimited speed and smoke screens in these levels which makes him very op.
  5. The World 4's map is too large making pac-man speed and use smokescreen too crazy making it near impossible to catch pac-man without using speed.
  6. The Flag number is small ranging from 15-20 making the later levels annoying to beat

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Music is Catchy.
  2. These levels give the game more variety.
  3. You get to play as the enemy that chases you when you are playing Pac-man and do the same thing the red cars do.