Research System (Terraria)

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The Research system is a function in Terraria, available from the Power Menu, and only for Journey Mode characters. It allows the player to research any items, so that they can be duplicated for eventual uses.

Why it's frustrating

  1. The function is only used for Journey Mode, and nothing else.
  2. In order to duplicate an item, you require to research a specific number of items.
  3. Most of the items that are needed for research are either rare, or require a large amount, in order to get researched. And there are a lot of them:
    1. Seeds requires at least 25 units. Problem is, the seeds that you might need, such as Jungle seeds, doesn't always drop.
    2. Banners, which requires 50 kills to be obtained, has rare mobs as well. This may force you to search them, and kill them.
    3. Food requires 10 units to be obtained, but they require mob grinding.
    4. Crates are the worst. On top of requiring 10 units, once the player reaches Hardmode, the pre-hardmode crates will be replaced.
      1. If that isn't enough, there are Obsidian and Hallowed crates as well. However, the items that can help fish in lava, and the Hallow, are part of hardmode, which will drop Hellstone and Divine crates, instead. This can force the player to create a new world and use a Clentaminator with Blue Solution on a fishing spot.
      2. Also, crates are obtained by fishing, but they're difficult to get (unless you use a Crate Potion and a Sonar Potion)
    5. Quest Fishes are even worse. They require 2 units, and can only be obtained during Angler's quests.
    6. There are many variants of furniture, blocks, platforms and wall, which can be difficult to research (especially considering that blocks require 100 units, platforms needs 200 units, and walls has 400 units required for research)
    7. Golden Critters are very rare to find, and unless you have a specific item, they can be accidentally killed.
    8. Certain weapons and accessories are only dropped by certain enemies.
    9. Most statues and paintings cannot be crafted, forcing you to find or buy them.
      1. Even worse, there are two statues that are Expert/Master mode exclusives, and paintings that are only obtained on a specific biome.
    10. Regular and Event bosses drops special items on Expert/Master difficulty, which requires the difficulty to be increased.
    11. Dev sets are obtained in boss bags, and are extremely rare.
  4. Most items requires either a seasonal event, or are locked on a specific mode.
    1. Some items, such as Gray Zapinator, is replaced by other variants in Hardmode. So unless you researched them, you need to create a new world just to gather them.
    2. Demon Heart, Dog License, Rabbit License, Cat License and Advanced Combat Techniques becomes unobtainable when used, so you need to be careful and research them.
    3. Team Hair Dye and Team Dye can only be obtained on multiplayer mode.
    4. Some items are only obtainable from NPCs during certain seasonal events, such as christmas and halloween.
    5. Music Boxes requires the player to use an empty music box to record.
      1. On top of that, there's the Otherworld version of the soundtracks.
    6. One of the item is unobtainable in the steam version, requiring the Collector's Edition of Terraria.
  5. Some materials requires a specific material. Dyes, Blocks and Paints are a glaring example.
  6. Considering that there are a massive amount of items, it's very difficult to research everything.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Researched items can be infinitely duplicated.
  2. Some items (such as Crates) can be used to gather items that you have yet to research.
  3. Weapons, accessories, armors, furniture and one-time consumables only requires one unit to be researched.


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