Reverse Challenges (Klonoa)

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Reverse Challenges are mini sections available inside hidden portals for the Nintendo Wii game Klonoa, the first remake of Playstation's Klonoa: Door to Phantomile game. Similar to extra visions those challenges work as difficult sections but hidden in the visions for post-game content exclusive to Reverse Mode, which is unlocked when the main game is finished once, each portal has a gold medal next to the exit.

A liitle of what made SMB:TLL infamous but in small doses.

Bad Qualities

  1. Even if EX visions are know for being challenging post-game levels, Reverse Challenges took it's idea a bit too far with some rather questionable sections.
  2. The way some of them are designed look like THE type of levels expected from a modified version of the game (sounds familiar?) or level-creator games like Super Mario Maker.
    • V2-1 and V4-2 portals require the player to take damage or are just impossible to finish without getting hit.
    • V5-1's portal is literally a Plowm spam mess from start to finish.
  3. Some of them can be increbidly confusing, V2-1's portal (see image above) is an enemy party with Flying Moos and Spikers going fast to left and right with huge chances of Klonoa faliling to the lava, and V3-1's portal has a dirty trick with temporally enemies which can easily fool unwarned players.
  4. While there is a gold medal in every portal to get, none of them unlocks anything aside from an icon as a proof that the player collected them similar to Dream Stones (in PS1 and Wii versions).
  5. Every portal uses a similar castle background, which ends up somewhat repetitive for such game and may not fit with some visions' soundtrack.

Good Qualities

  1. It is (at the very least) an interesting idea of post-game content for a short game.
  2. Going after those portals while replaying the visions in reverse can be a decent replay value.
  3. There's lifes and a checkpoint featured in them so no need to re-enter the portals after each fail.
    • Klonoa's default amount of HP, his special wind attack and Wind Ring's better grab and range can make the challenges more tolerable.
  4. Some portals are both challenging and simple enough, even if not much different from Balue's Tower or other EX visions from other games.


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