Rick Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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The Rick Spirit Battle is an Advanced-Type Spirit battle which pits the player character against a Pikachu and Kirby AI. Despite it being an Advanced-Type, it has some difficulty spikes.

If you thought this was easy, you were wrong.

Why It’s No Friend

  1. The map looks like winter has just came. No, really. The floor, EVEN THE PLATFORMS, are frozen.
  2. Of course, since the floor is frozen, you must rely on the Star Blocks. However, Kirby and Pikachu can break the blocks, so yea, it's about defending the Star Blocks.
  3. Also, Bomb Blocks appear, and if you just do a tiny bit of damage to them, Kaboom. You lose some Star Blocks. Even Pikachu and Kirby will break them, which is annoying.
  4. Also, Pikachu has a Fire Flower, which makes it almost impossible to escape the fire if he uses it on you.
  5. To make it worse, your foe has increased move speed.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. It's worth sparing from the (kinda) unbearable pain considering that it gives increased stats after eating.


  • You can use a frozen floor immunity spirit, since the floor is frozen. Otherwise, with no spirits, Pick Bowser Jr and use his Up-B, since it is powerful, and after that, try to get to either one of the Star Block Towers.