Ride Boarski/Central Circuit (Mega Man X7)

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Ride Boarski (known as Hellride Inobuski in Japan) is one of the 8 Mavericks of mh:crappygames:Mega Man X7. His stage, Central Circuit, is the only vehicle section in the entire game.

Ride Boarski, as well as his stage, are criticized for being difficult, as well as annoying.

Why They Suck

Central Circuit

  1. The entire stage is on a ride chaser. Said ride chaser is incredibly difficult to control.
  2. Some parts of the track are really tight, and due to the previously mentioned ride chaser's controls, it becomes a nightmare.
  3. X, Zero or Axl must grab bombs in the highway to clear it, but they are hard to get again due to the ride chaser's awful controls.
    • This forces them to go to a snail's pace to get them,
    • it doesn't help that some of the bombs are in weird places.
    • The same can be said about rescuing the reploids and obtaining the hearts and sub tanks.

Ride Boarski

  1. The fight with Ride Boarski is terrible.
    • While he isn't particularly hard, he has annoying attacks,
    • His weaknesses, Circle Blaze/Bakuenjin, barely do anything against him.
    • He never shuts up.
  2. Even worse, there are enemies that throws bombs from out the arena, during the battle.
  3. The battle has a massive amount of slowdowns.
  4. The weapons that he gives to all three of them, the Moving Wheel and the Zankourin, are arguably the worst in the entire series; They barely deal any damage, are really slow, and they are nearly impossible to use in the 3D sections.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The concept is good, although not executed well.
  2. At least Ride Boarski's design is kinda cool.
  3. The soundtrack is decent