Roarmulus Twins (Spiral Knights)

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If you hate random patterns, well too bad for you.

The Roarmulus Twins are duo antagonistis and boss fights of Spiral Knights, they are two giant-sized gun puppies with a thick armor, designed and built by the Warmaster of the Crimson Order, Seerus. They serves as the main bosses of Ironclaw Munition Factory, the third and penultimate level of the game and overall the third and penultimate bosses of the game. They're notorious for being the most confusing bosses in the game.

Why they Suck

  1. Unlike the other bosses, Roarmulus Twins consist of two enemies.
    • While is true that the Rabid Snarbolax is composed of two enemies, at least you fight them in the Shadow Lair. On the other hand, the Roarmulus Twins must be fought together, everytime.
  2. You cannot damage the Roarmulus Twins at all, unless they get hit from the rockets, giving you time to damage them with your weapons.
    • And even if you're attacking one of them, you will be open to Surgebots's attacks.
  3. Their fight is completely random.
    1. To defeat them, you have to send the rockets that are firing to each other, but their rocket pattern is so random, that they might fire a rocket to counter the other Roarmulus's one.
    2. At the second phase, they will move in a random pattern, as well as firing the large rockets on a certain random point. Problem is, they will fire the large rockets after or before the small ones, and after firing those, they will move.
    3. In the third phase, they will move more faster, giving you less time to react.
  4. In the boss arena, you will constantly fight Surgebots as well, which can deal shock status.
  5. Their laser at phase 3 will obliterate your health, if not properly equipped.
  6. They can't be stunned by Stun Vials.
  7. In the Shadow Lair, there will be the Red Roarmulus Twins, which can deal fire (which, unlike the Shock status, will inflict damage even if you raise your shields). Also, a Swarm Source will aid them by slowing you and increasing the defense of all the Surgebots, just for adding salt in the wounds. And did we mention that a Darkfang Mender will come too?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You only require to defeat one of the Roarmulus.
  2. The design of the Roarmulus Twins is pretty creative, as they resemble a set of giant robotic T-Rexs.
  3. Their tokens can be used to get good items, like the Pulsar.
  4. After pressing the Party Button, the player will be teleported in another part of the map, as to simulate a sort of change.