Robot Mecha Shrek (GAME OF THE YEAR 420 BLAZE IT)

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This is the final Boss of the Famous Comedy FPS game GAME OF THE YEAR 420 BLAZE IT,he is Actually Spoderman and he just wanted to be free,but

the Illuminati have captured him to the world domination.

Why Its not Love

1.He is extremely Powerful and Unfair,He can Kill the player in Ridiculous TEN seconds OR MINUS (Depends the quantity of hp of the player).

2.Also he is SOO! far to shoot him but he can shot The player Anyways,Thus giving a lot of trouble to the player.

3.Even so he is very easy to kill, although it does a lot of damage for the player to swerve very easily.

4.when you defeat him, he reveals that and Spoderman and says that the ILLUMINATIS captured and arrested him, what and very kind, as he was captured.

The ONLY two qualities

1.Its a little encouraging when The player wins the battle.

2.At least it has some walls of mountain dew boxes and doritos that can protect you from some shots.




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