Rugal/Omega Rugal/God Rugal (KOF Franshise)

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Rugal Bernstein, a.k.a. Omega Rugal and God Rugal, was the first main antagonist and final boss of the King of Fighters series and the one with the most amount of appearances in the franchise (Being SNK's personal favorite boss doesn't hurt one bit... or does it?).

He is also notorious for his extreme cheapness in every game he's in and for that reason has achieved infamy as one of the most unfair bosses in fighting game history.

Why He Sucks

KOF '94 and '94 Re-Bout

  1. His first phase is easy due to him not using special moves. It tricks you into thinking he's silly easy until it turns out to be a façade for his second phase, where he removes his coat & the real match begins.
  2. Rugal possesses Geese Howard's Reppukken projectile and Wolfgang Krauser's Kaiser Wave super (both of Fatal Fury fame). Both are quite fast, cover a lot of distance & go through your projectiles.
  3. His Reppukken spamming often forces you to jump over it, giving him a free Genocide Cutter most of the time. Sometimes, you can accidentally dash into them like an imbecile while standing your ground due to the pressure.
  4. Jaw-dropping damage input, especially his anti-air Genocide Cutter that can deal over 75% of damage.
  5. Trying to use a jump attack will do no good since he'll counter it with Genocide Cutter.
  6. Dark Barrier, a reflector to send your projectiles back at you. He'll use it every time you throw a projectile. As a result, you can only really use them when he charges his meter or when he taunts you.
  7. Will taunt you or attack as you charge your meter, making Desperation Moves (The SNK term for a super move) difficult to pull off since taunts take away some of your meter in this game. Hell, he can do it while you're doing the inputs!
  8. Guile-like behaviour: he waits for you to act for free cheap hits, spamming specials to make sure he gets what he wants, usually for a, you guessed it, Genocide Cutter.
  9. Becomes a bit more powerful when his POW/super meter is full.
  10. Genocide Cutter. Genocide Cutter. Genocide Cutter. Genocide Cutter. Genocide Cutter. [...] Genocide Cutter. Genocide Cutter. Genocide Cutter. Genocide Cutter. Genocide Cutter...

KOF '95

  1. Unlike the first game, you fight Saisyu Kusanagi instead of tuxedo Rugal, and while Saisyu isn't that hard, he can still give you problems.
  2. Exactly like in KOF '94, although a bit weaker & more mobile in comparison, but still hits like a truck, especially his divekicks that can take about a fourth of your health bar.

KOF '98 and '98 UM

  1. An almost-complete overhaul of his moveset: While he keeps the Dark Barrier, Reppuken has been replaced by Vanishing Rush, a multi-hit dash attack & Kaiser Wave by Gravity Smash, an electric sphere that doubles as a damaging shield against pretty much everything, even as he charges it. Oh, & he can hold the charge for as long as he wants.
  2. Genocide Cutter, now called Dark Genocide, hits thrice this time around (even if it doesn't deal 75% of damage anymore).
  3. While his supers are easy to block, they deal tons of damage if they connect.
  4. Much more brutal AI in the Ultimate Match upgrade.
  5. Still deals lots of damage despite not being as powerful as before.
  6. Higher defense than usual.
  7. Uses the same Guile-like strategy of '94: Waiting for you to act and counter, rarely coming after you. He will also use his projectiles, and if you try to do a jump attack, there's a great chance he'll use Dark Genocide.

KOF 2002 and 2002 UM

  1. The damage he deals is a lot higher than the previous entry, almost comparable to '94 & '95.
  2. Gained new moves, like a 3-hit kick combo (Fortunately lost the Gravity Smash).
  3. Retains the same strategy of waiting for you to attack.
  4. 2 of his moves were upgraded. He now has a 4-hit Genocide Cutter and his Kaiser Wave can now be charged a la CVS 2, and can break defenses at its highest charge level.
  5. Speaking of the Genocide Cutter there are times when he can knock you out with only using this move and even chain it with the Omega Pressure.
  6. He is a secret boss in KOF 2002 UM and you only have one shot against him. Getting to him requires you to beat the equally-cheap Krizalid in one shot. It's like he's there to punish you for cheesing your way through Krizalid!
  7. Worst yet, not only his damage input enormous, but his defenses & HP are just as huge. Just to give you an example, Desperation Moves barely lay a scratch on him.
  8. Retains his reflector shield.
  9. The Kaiser Wave has a nasty glitch where if you roll behind him as he launches it, it becomes a floating orb that follows him around like a companion with high priority & infinite hits. We are not making this up.
  10. His voice acting is subpar in both games; Norio Wakamoto filled in for the usual Toshitmitsu Arai in 2002 and made him sound like a bland villain, and Arai himself phoned it in once he returned for the UM update.


Capcom Vs. SNK 2

  1. To fight God Rugal, you need 2 of the following: Get over 1,500 Groove Points, defeat the mid-boss (Geese/Bison) & perform a Finest/Dramatic K.O, all rather tricky to obtain.
  2. He appears at random, so you may face God Akuma whether you like or not.
  3. Possesses Akuma's teleporting dash and uses it constantly.
  4. Deals ridiculous amounts of damage. In 3v3 mode and ratio matches (to level 1 and 2 characters), he can wipe the floor with your characters in seconds.
  5. Trades his usual defensive game for an extremely aggressive one. He is going berserk from the Satsui No Hado absorbed from Akuma after all.
  6. While his Gigantic Pressure is easy to dodge, his other super Genocide Heaven doesn't need to grab the opponent anymore. Now it's just a series of slashing kicks that deals a lot of damage, even when blocked.
  7. He gains 2 level 3 moves: the first is Akuma's Shun Goku Satsu, the second is Genocide End, a grab in which he impales your character, lifts him or her in the air and unleashes 13 Dark Energy bursts, both of which can be insta-kills. The latter is the worst since he often uses it as a surprise counter after blocking your moves. Thankfully, he rarely uses them, not that he needs to.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Playing as Rugal can be broken fun and his moveset is easy to use, and can be used in most of the games he's in.
  2. All of his themes are amazing.
  3. Rugal is so broken in KOF 2002 UM you (as him) can beat the Endless mode easily which will grant you access to almost all of the game's unlockable characters.
  4. Also in '02 UM, you can pick any of the other bosses to crush him relatively easy, especially Krizalid who has a non-reflectable projectile & is just as overpowered.
  5. Available from the start unnerfed in the PC version of '02 UM along with every previously-unlockable character.
  6. It is possible to beat him in KOF 2002 by jumping to the other side after he falls down and making him do the Genocide cutter (similar to Igniz), by consecuence he leaves an open spot so you can make a combo and repeat the same process until you win.
  7. Not every version of KOF where he appears is a pain to defeat him, in the Playstation port of KOF 95 he can be beaten easily since he hardly tries to defend himself.
  8. In XV, he somewhat gives you mercy that where he doesn't regenerate his own health back after in each round.
  9. He is somewhat an idiot in Capcom vs SNK 2 since he doesn't know how to block normal hits or certain attacks often as long as you don't try to jump.
  10. A great villain character.
  11. His running gag of either blowing himself up or his plans blowing up in his own face is rather entertaining.