Safety Last (Need for Speed: Payback)

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"Safety Last" is the second mission of the Diamond Block drag racing quest line unlocked in Chapter 5: High Stakes of Need for Speed: Payback.


Despite having beaten one of his racers, Mitko Vasilev is far from impressed and still considers Tyler not hardcore enough for his dangerous races. Vasilev wants to test Tyler's skill by setting up a very challenging time trial, and he will only allow Tyler to race his Diamond Block crew again after the time trial is beaten.

Why It Sucks

  1. You must complete this trial in a drag built car, a vehicle of this built tends to have a wide turning radius and very heavy handling.
  2. The race takes place on a narrow, twisty mountain road - exactly something drag-spec cars are not built to tackle. It's very hard to go through those hairpin bends without loosing too much speed or slam into the guardrail.
  3. To make matters even more complicated, the track is filled with traffic cars. The heavy presence of bends gives you little time to react and the narrowness of the road makes it hard to dodge them without driving onto the dirt and loose speed.
  4. The reward of completing this challenging race is just a random speed card and a small wad of cash.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The race's course leads you to a smashable billboard.
  2. Its side bet, reach a speed of 155 mph, is rather easy to complete.