Sagat (Street Fighter 1)

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Sagat is a character from the Street Fighter series. This page will only cover his appearance in Street Fighter 1.

Sagat (Street Fighter 1)
"You've got a lot to learn before you beat me. Try again kiddo!"
Appearance: Street Fighter 1
Franchise: Street Fighter

Why He Sucked As A Boss

  1. The AI is incredibly difficult, meaning that he'll beat you with the Tiger moves.
  2. The speed is so incredible that he'll have enough speed to finish you to the ground!
  3. Whenever you lose to him, he does an evil laugh, which is kind of disrespectful.
    1. Speaking to it, his laugh is so annoying, similiar to Dog's laugh in Duck Hunt.
  4. Awful theme song. It sounds like someone torturing a Sega Genesis with a jackhammer, or someone destroying a Casio keyboard with a mallet.
  5. Speaking of the theme song, the arranged version is no better, as it sounds like jungle music gone wrong.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. When you win against Sagat, he praises you and call you the greatest Street Fighter.
  2. Just like Akuma, Seth, and M. Bison, he's a very memorable character. In other words, the franchise isn't great as it is without him.
  3. He's improved himself in Street Fighter 2 and later installments. Not to mention, he can be pretty fun to play as.
  4. And speaking of fun, even in Street Fighter 1, he is very fun to play by breaking the code.


Capcom Boss Syndrome - Sagat (Street Fighter 1)YouTube ยท The Shin Black13 minutes, 35 secondsApr 1, 2021


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