Sans the Skeleton (Undertale)

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Note: The Comic Sans font and all-lowercase are intentional because of the way Sans talks and that Sans' name is based off of said font."
don't kill everyone, or you're gonna get dunked on trying to beat this guy.

sans is a character from undertale and the final boss of the genocide route of undertale. throughout the story, he is depicted as being lazy and not one to put up much of a fight. however, if you decide to go out of your way to kill everyone, he will give you a brutal fight in hopes of making you quit the genocide route. let's just say, he does a pro job at making this fight rage inducing. that being said, it's clear he intentionally does everything he can to make this fight bad so you feel unsatisfied.

why he understandably sucks

  1. sans is the only enemy to have the first turn.
  2. his attacks only inflict 1 damage each but can hit every frame, meaning that they can't be reduced by armor. his kr effect is applied on hit, which poisons you and removes your invincibility frames, further escalating difficulty.
  3. though sans has only 1 hp, he will survive 23 lethal strikes as he dodges all of them. to progress the battle you'll have to do 22 hits until sans becomes exhausted and sleeps, at which point you can abuse game mechanics and drag the bullet board to the fight button. sans will survive the 23rd, but the next one reduces his hp to 0.
  4. midway through the fight, he give you a chance to spare him and stop fighting. if you choose to spare him, he will instantly kill you and taunt you. even then, though, this deception is easily recognized as sans doesn't have the heart to spare you if you're trying to destroy the very world he can save.
  5. in the second phase of his fight, he can hurt you even when it is not his turn.
  6. his relentless attacks are difficult to dodge in general.
  7. the last attack he performs before his special attack is possibly the hardest one. if you were struggling with avoiding his other attacks and are low on health with no healing items, this attack will most likely kill you.

redeeming qualities

  1. despite the overall frustrating battle, sans is not that bad of a character, in fact he is actually a really memorable character, which is not saying much since this is undertale, a game that's known for its well-developed and memorable characters.
  2. most people agree that sans is in the right to make this fight as unfair as possible.
  3. the accompanying soundtrack, megalovania, is considered to be one of the best in the entire game.
  4. he and undyne are the only two bosses in the genocide run to actually put up a fight.
  5. although it is really unfair that sans kills you when you try to spare him, the taunt, "geeettttttt dunked on!!!", is quite funny.
  6. the ending of the battle when you defeat sans is quite well-made where he slowly leaves the screen while suggesting to get something at grillby's with papyrus.


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