Severely Strained Relations (Pokemon Masters EX)

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I'll show you what a severe battle truly is. -MelonyAno ba!? -Andrea Brillantes

Severely Strained Relations is the 17th solo event from Pokémon Masters EX. This solo event focuses on the Galar characters, especially Gordie, Melony, and Victor. This solo event ran on October 3 to 24, 2022.


After Victor and Gloria battles with Raihan and Gordie in Pasio, Melony, as well as Nessa, arrives and somewhat bickers Gordiem thus making a family drama.

Why It's Severely Strained

  1. This solo event is rushed, as it does not have a proper ending at all.
    • Granted, most solo events have shorter cutscenes than story events, but at least they have proper endings.
  2. This one has a completely wasted potential, this one could have been a better concept regarding the family drama between Melony and Gordie being significant, but it fails as it is completely short and it only happens after Victor and Gloria pitted Gordie and Raihan in a battle.
  3. Minor Missed Opportunity: The description says "Trainer from Galar have arrived in Pasio", yet it only includes Victor, Gloria, Raihan, Gordie, Melony, and Nessa in this event.
    • Other Galar characters like Sonia, Leon, Marnie, Piers, and Bede do not appear at all.
  4. This solo event only takes nearly 2 minutes to complete this event, instead of three to nearly five minutes just like the other solo events.
  5. The opening is a complete filler, with Victor and Gloria pitting Gordie and Raihan in a battle, thus ruining the plot.
    • The cold opening is just very short, and it lasts only 6 seconds to finish it, which is also rushed.
    • Sure this happens to Sinnoh Elite Four Assemble, another solo event that nearly takes two minutes to finish, but it does have an ending.
  6. Cliffhanger Ending: After Raihan asks Victor to join his team, the latter agrees and says that "It's gonna be rough".

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. At least Victor finally appears in this game as the (if not) the very last main character to arrive in Pasio.
    • Gordie and Melony also appear in this game, but this time, they are permanent.



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