Shields (Minecraft)

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Shields are tools in Minecraft who protect the player against attacks, unfortunately ther are very unbalanced and defends many things.

People deserved compensation for this, but this is too much.

Why it nowadays sucks

  1. To get out the elephant of the room shields blocks an absurdly high amount of damage, which includes explosions, projectiles, hits, etc.
    • Ironically it can't block the Warden's sonic attack.
  2. Shield fights are very slow, because people use them a lot and it makes fights last unnecessarily
  3. Too cheap for its great power: only 1 iron ingot and 6 wood planks.
  4. It has no enchantments, although this can be understood due to his current power.
  5. They are probably one of the most hated additions in Combat Update and one of the things that makes it so hated.

Reediming Qualties

  1. Shields are a good tool for starters as they block a lot of damage.
  2. When using a shield you won't be able to run fast, so you can't have it all the time.
  3. It has been nerfed in Reddit exclusive Combat Tests and it is known that this will come to an upcoming version.