Sidestepper Spirit Battle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)

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The Sidestepper Spirit battle is a Novice-Type spirit battle that pits you against 12 Mr. Game and Watch AIs. It is one of the worst and easiest in the game.

12 Mr. Game & Watches and still nothing to fight, pathetic.

Why It Sidesteps Badly

  1. It takes place on Mario Bros, which is one of the worst stages in the game.
  2. The Mr. Game and Watch AIs are annoying, as they can damage you by dashing into you. And there is 12 of them.
  3. Despite that, it is pathetically easy. You can just get either a Shellcreeper or Sidestepper and throw them at the Mr. Game and Watch AIs to instantly kill them.
  4. They later get faster overtime, making them infuriating to hit as they can outrun you.
  5. The Mr. Game and Watch AIs barely even want to fight back, making them cowards.
  6. Since it takes place on Mario Bros, those Sidestepper, Flame and Shellcreeper craps will appear and try to interrupt.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Sidestepper's artwork for the spirit battle is kinda awesome.
  2. It grants you Trade-Off Speed, a good ability.